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  • Otherwise a pretty promiscuous kettle of fish!
  • Moreover, it is such a promiscuous bathing-place.
  • In one effulgence, one promiscuous shine.
  • The rest had got away with an assortment of promiscuous bruises.
  • Until quite lately there was almost promiscuous use of women.
  • But beyond a certain limit this promiscuous work must be unsatisfactory.
  • We don't need a million cowboys running round promiscuous over the sand.

How To Use Promiscuous In A Sentence?

  • All the rest have been baptized according to the results of a promiscuous scramble.
  • By what process are these names supposed to have come into existence in a promiscuous group?
  • It is not the custom of the country to invite promiscuous or casual acquaintances to call.
  • The miscegenation common is that between white men and promiscuous black women.
  • He did not like to see her so promiscuous with those warm, strong hands of hers.
  • Take this audience, or any other promiscuous assemblage, and how many histories have they read?
  • It was truly a fearful den, where man and beast lived in promiscuous and insupportable filth.
  • Such promiscuous introductions are neither necessary, desirable, nor at all times agreeable.
  • Followed by some sympathizing chiefs he wound his way among the promiscuous crowd already gathered.
  • One should appreciate the difference between true friendship and indulging in friendly relationship with promiscuous acquaintances.
  • A sudden and dead silence ensued, as if the words had struck the breath out of the promiscuous throng.
  • Not a promiscuous and indiscriminate slashing, but a careful pruning is the proper method in the garden of society.
  • Over seventy in all were slaughtered, and their gory bodies piled up in one promiscuous mass in the centre of the square.
  • Let the mass of particulars which would otherwise crowd upon you in promiscuous confusion, be arranged and classified.
  • Why does society wonder at the increase of prostitution, when the public balls and promiscuous dancing is so largely endorsed and encouraged?
  • This promiscuous buying of wives, with cattle which you may have difficulty in accounting for your possession of, will lead you into trouble.
  • If they punish, they make a promiscuous massacre; if they spare, they make a general act of oblivion.
  • Of a promiscuous crowd, taken almost anywhere, the pickpocket in it is the smartest man present, in all probability.
  • There are perhaps a number of other ladies present, in promiscuous flirtation with whom he sees, at first glance, an obvious means of escape.
  • It had one large window, under and along which was built in, a long, wide shelf made into a sort of divan, promiscuous with cushions.
  • It should be stated at this point that by the same kind of subject is not meant a promiscuous grouping together of all language or of all history courses.
  • No visits were received on Sunday, or promiscuous company admitted; he attended church regularly, and the rest of that day was his own.
  • But I said to myself that, for once at least, I was not to be included in that unfashionably promiscuous company.
  • They build bulky, but shabby nests of sticks, weeds and grass, piled into a promiscuous heap, generally located in bushes or low trees.
  • If I had had vices such as a promiscuous love of women, I might have found the anticipation of such a future more tolerable.
  • Ordinarily, when in Penang and Singapore, he behaved himself, drank circumspectly and shunned promiscuous companions.
  • Society had become too promiscuous for their exclusive tastes, and they were unwilling to open their drawing rooms to the cosmopolitan multitude then thronging the capital.
  • In these and doubtless in other ways the idea we are dealing with is being promulgated, and up to a certain point this fact of promiscuous initiative is entirely satisfactory and desirable.
  • Supper over, nearly all the men present had the lively desire to escape from this promiscuous gathering, into which they had been inveigled under pretence of an official matter.
  • More than ever now was the anomaly made manifest which has been hinted at before, namely, the promiscuous mixing in convivial intercourse of persons of the most opposite views.
  • The abolition of the tolerated house spreads both disease and immorality into classes of women who would otherwise be immune, and enormously increases the dangers of promiscuous intercourse.
  • The fetish can be adored, the ancestor addressed in prayer, before the family has become the tribe, or promiscuous intercourse has passed into polygamy.
  • There are no distinct classes, as in aristocratic lands, whose bounds are protected by distinct and impassable lines, but all are thrown into promiscuous masses.

Definition of Promiscuous

Made up of various disparate elements mixed together; of disorderly composition. | Made without careful choice; indiscriminate. | (derogatory) Indiscriminate in choice of sexual partners, or having many sexual partners.
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