Promise In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Promise | Promise Sentence

  • I had a promise of it.
  • One promise you must make me.
  • I do not promise to work miracles.
  • Now make your promise good!
  • I promise you it may with ease be hid.
  • Bacchis, be sure you keep your promise with me.
  • Prithee, boy, promise for yourself.
  • Come, come, promise him.
  • Your verbal promise to pay, is quite as good.
  • Till I have made my promise to you good.
  • I will, I promise you.
  • I found it so, I promise you.
  • No general man, I promise you.
  • You shall, I promise you, Unless you stop, you rascal!
  • It led him through a country where all was promise of milk and honey.
  • The winter set in before one-tenth of the scene of promise had been explored.
  • I cannot promise you, however, that they will be of the first order.
  • She was nearly white, and gave promise of becoming quite a beauty.
  • I had seldom seen a face of richer promise; but never was promise so ill kept.
  • Don't talk loud, like the last time; promise me.
  • I won't be a cry-baby again; I promise you that.
  • You went to London, unwillingly enough, to keep your promise to me.
  • Bamtz wanted Davidson to promise to call at Mirrah more or less regularly.
  • And much Enrag'd, I promise you.
  • But she made me promise to take a teaspoonful of Pain-Killer every day.
  • He had at one time a pale Complexion, which did not promise long Life.
  • You hear I've a cough; but I cannot promise you it's a churchyard one.
  • STRANGER: That you will promise not to regard me as a parricide.
  • You know, when I promise you a pleasant evening I don't disappoint you.

How To Use Promise In A Sentence?

  • He then bade her good-bye, with the promise of coming again before he went to the front.
  • I promise you that under no circumstances will I attempt any measure of violence.
  • She drew This promise from me, as a firm assurance That I would not forsake her.
  • I can promise you that your chances of escape will not be diminished by my taking up these few minutes of your time.
  • It became necessary to promise the chiefs two thousand dollars before they would consent to take courage again.
  • I was determined to probe this ulcerated heart, and reminded him of a kind of promise he had given me to tell me the cause of his suffering.
  • The most that could be extracted from him was the promise that, when he came of age, a year and a half hence, he would do as we pleased.
  • I'll now perform my promise to my brother, And bring his wife to talk to the young woman.
  • The family always understood I had promised, a promise was a promise, and now they depended on me for the funeral.
  • Her voice even then held promise of what it has since become, as perfectly as does the rose-bud, half open, contain the rose.
  • Agnes loved me, and in the deep, quiet bliss which this knowledge gave I felt the promise of deliverance.

Definition of Promise

(transitive, intransitive) To commit to (some action or outcome), or to assure (a person) of such commitment; to make an oath or vow. | (intransitive) To give grounds for expectation, especially of something good. | (countable) an oath or affirmation; a vow
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