Promised In A Sentence

How To Use Promised In A Sentence?

  • She had almost forgotten the message she had promised to deliver to her father.
  • He declared that he regretted the matter deeply and promised to prevent a recurrence.
  • The prison commandant promised that he would execute any sentence short of capital punishment.
  • I was thinking too much of one, who promised to be my protector always, to think of any other.
  • Her visitor's reception of Philippa's greeting promised little in the way of enlivenment.
  • My dear Kate, your cousin, that promised to be such a hero, has become a mere man-of-business.
  • If the aliens who drift to England, as to the Promised Land, could but know what awaited them!
  • Before we visited the Pashas in Stamboul, I paid however my promised visit to Mme.
  • The boys promised to call upon Mrs. Carrington as soon as they got settled at Seaside Park.
  • He had previously promised me the command of the seamen and marines that might land from the fleet.
  • Elinor promised to keep an eye on her erring husband and see that everything went smoothly this time.
  • He promised to call again, and our interview is fixed for eleven o'clock the day after to-morrow.
  • He had promised her that if she stood by him faithfully in this business he would take her with him to Haiphong or some other place.
  • He then despatched one of the laborers with it to Tusculum, who promised to return with all possible speed.
  • Nurse had not been upstairs for hours, and though she had promised real tea and toast this evening, there were no signs of either as yet.
  • Ali, her original possessor, had promised a reward of two hundred ducats to whomsoever should discover the whereabouts of his favourite.
  • As to mine I readily promised my best aid and warmest efforts in my friend's behalf.
  • That was the guide the withered witch had promised would show the English officer the shortest way of rejoining his man.
  • I promised myself that I would but take a peep at the land of promise, and hasten back again before my absence should be noticed.
  • He listened patiently, but coldly, to my tale of monastic grievances and disgusts, and promised to think what else could be done for me.
  • This was indeed a piece of news for me; I stammered out some ridiculous explanation, and promised a fuller detail.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Promised | Promised Sentence

  • He promised and he will not break that promise.
  • Apafi promised to bear him in mind.
  • She had promised to go over to tea at the rectory.
  • He advertised his show, and promised marvels.
  • She promised to write to me to Constantinople.
  • And Patricia promised blithely.
  • You promised to love me and care for me, Abijah!
  • I cannot; I promised Emily that I never would.
  • He had been promised a share in this adventure, and hastened to the scene.
  • Banfi promised to come, and distribute rewards to the best scholars.
  • The professor of mathematics promised to bring me a Geometry.
  • I promised her that I'd come back when she sent for me.
  • One thought of Moses when he caught his first glimpse of the promised land!
  • I had promised to go down to Cambridge, to a lunch at one of the colleges.
  • Mark promised to stay, but the change in Grace cut him to the heart.
  • And then Mr. Raleigh ceased suddenly, as if he had promised an impossibility.
  • And lea'e us nought but grief and pain For promised joy.
  • M----, whom we had promised to see safely to Cologne.
  • But he promised to meet me at Brown's Springs with five hundred followers.

Definition of Promised

Predicted; expected; anticipated. | Under obligation to some future commitment, such as a marriage or vocation. | Due to become manifest because of a past promise.
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