Promised Land In A Sentence

Definition of Promised Land

Alternative form of Promised Land | The object of one's desire.

How To Use Promised Land In A Sentence?

  • All this makes me very happy for it looks as if we are in sight of the promised land.
  • No doubt many voices will cry in the wilderness before we reach the promised land.
  • The stones of the promised land were to be iron, but brass was to be dug from the hills.
  • I had no Moses to go before me and lead the way from bondage to a promised land.
  • We were also shown a model of the tabernacle used while Israel was marching to the promised land.
  • Then it was that Aronsen at once rose up and set out for the new workings, the new promised land.
  • The transition from the wilderness into this Promised Land was very gradual and easy.
  • Her intonation told of the changed mind with which she now looked forward to the Promised Land.
  • Standing at that barb-wire fence was like standing at the gate of the Promised Land.
  • Beyond it stretched the Promised Land peopled with the lost who soon would be the found.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Promised Land | Promised Land Sentence

  • Manchild in the promised land.
  • How far the promised land?
  • They were going to the promised land.
  • Joshua leads them into the promised land.
  • The promised land was a piece of earth.
  • Italy had been her promised land from early youth.
  • We touch the borders of the promised land.
  • How many people were in the promised land already?
  • The Promised Land lay before him.
  • Then, in truth, we shall have the Promised Land.
  • Had gone, of course, to view the Promised Land.
  • The Lord shows Abraham the Promised Land.
  • God kept him out of the promised land because he lost his temper.
  • So they set out in the bright morning to view the promised land.
  • Promised Land.
  • Forty years it attended them, until they had arrived at the promised land.
  • To reenter her promised land would place her beloved ones in jeopardy.
  • That evening after an early tea, we started for the promised land.
  • How many a fallen house looked longingly toward this promised land?
  • Behold them entering upon their promised land, their reeking paradise.
  • One thought of Moses when he caught his first glimpse of the promised land!
  • The Promised Land.
  • Polygamy is just as pure in Utah, as it could have been in the promised land.
  • I'm in soight o' th' promised land, hallelujah!
  • Yet God hated him, and shut him out of all share in the promised land.
  • The fruitful promised land they view, But fear to enter in.
  • To the emigrant each tawny trail was a path to a Promised Land.
  • From the eminence of five shillings a week, he looked over the Promised Land.
  • The waters, beautiful as they were, were barriers to his Promised Land.
  • And what emotions did that first view of the "Promised Land" inspire!

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