Promises In A Sentence

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  • She promises you very fair.
  • And that promises to be terrible.
  • They remember the promises they made him.
  • Peter promises to tell his tale.
  • They take his promises into their hearts and believe them.
  • May came with her promises and blights of promise.
  • He began to make promises too definite.
  • Some of the promises he has broken, some he has kept.
  • The promises of Isuke were fulfilled.
  • For months of subtle preparation his promises were explicit.
  • The factor approves the document and promises to abide by all its provisions.
  • She loved him, but she would make no promises as to the important day.
  • Horse breeding surely promises good results as stated in the annexed Memoir.

How To Use Promises In A Sentence?

  • This is the only course that promises the least prospect of a satisfactory result.
  • His swaggering promises of yesterday had brought him as near as possible to that.
  • How seldom promises made in slavery are remembered after a release from bondage.
  • These two promises are for ever clashing with each other; it cannot be otherwise.
  • There were a thousand promises of secrecy to be given; a thousand tremors to be overcome.
  • He could only refuse; palliating the refusal with vague promises as to the near future.
  • God made a great number of promises to Abraham, but few of them were ever kept.
  • The mine opened on the Rawson property began to give from the first large promises of success.
  • But Tommy looked sheepish, as the memory of certain boastful promises came to him.
  • As usual payment secured the presence of a repentant Isuke, full of promises of amendment.
  • There had been vague promises of coming West after "things were settled," as Anne put it.
  • You see their presumption in their promises is not lessened by all their failures in the performance.
  • It promises to become a useful substance, though no commercial applications for it have as yet been found.
  • And secondly it was arranged that Henry was under no obligation by negotiations or promises as to the land.
  • The German Government had deliberately broken its promises of Sept. 1, 1915, and May 5, 1916.
  • This is the largest northern pecan that I have ever seen and it promises to be an outstanding variety.
  • These promises depend in a great measure, if not wholly, on the apparent power of the person who makes them to fulfil his engagements.
  • This was his thought; not expressed with the humble gratitude, prostration, and promises which he fully intended to keep.
  • And this was the life which she had been so eager to share with him, the life which, in those early days, his promises had made to seem so fair!
  • By promises and flatteries I won over his favourite slave, who enticed him out of his stronghold by night and alone.
  • They officiate at weddings, sprinkle water upon babes, and utter meaningless words and barren promises above the dead.
  • Where now were the promises of ransom, the blood-sealed vow to become husband and wife, to assume the relation which endures for two worlds?
  • If you still care to save your country from utter ruin, mend your ways and keep your promises to the Mother.
  • This demonstration was intended to insure the withdrawal of the French army according to the promises of the Emperor.
  • Provisions were bought, men enlisted, camels hired, and a few Arabs collected together by large promises and small gifts.
  • But always with a feeling that the deeds of the new management and not their mere words or promises would be the atonement for the indignity that had been heaped upon the town.
  • Brahminism was finally discarded for the specious promises of Arabian invaders, and the lightly-held faith succumbed to the creed of Islam.

Definition of Promises

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of promise | plural of promise
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