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  • My heart and my mind were from childhood prone to the tender feelings of affection.
  • He simply revolved the subject in mind, because he was by nature prone to such meditations.
  • Impatiently tying the horse to a post, they were in the shack and immediately prone on my bunk.
  • But as with other empires, its tone is prone to be official, and even officinal.
  • Maseden took a cudgel, which he preferred to a sword, and hurried towards the prone figure.
  • Gerome then piloted the troika safely to our destination, leaving Jehu prone in the mud.
  • Mr. Gibney lying prone upon the deck with a gory face upturned to the foggy skies.
  • Not ordinarily prone to the social life, Joe was able to find interest in this due to its newness.
  • Smythe, as he looked at me, while I lay prone on my back, resting, under shelter of the tent.
  • Telegrams from distant countries are prone to bring news that changes the whole complexion of affairs.
  • Evidently they were men who knew that life was worth living, and were not prone to grieve over evils unbefallen.
  • She subscribed handsomely to all orthodox well-established charities, but was not prone to accidental benevolence.
  • He was not prone to let his wife into his confidence; but as this was an uneasy secret, he willingly shared it with her.
  • He made an impressive sight as he lay there prone upon his stomach, fidgeting his feelers in a petulant way.
  • This is not a weak and yielding thing, as men are so fondly prone to imagine; it is a universal and inflexible law.
  • That changes and events, both good and evil, are prone to come in clusters is a very ancient matter of observation.
  • Anything which might rouse the hapless patriot from the grinding weight which crushed him now, as prone on his face he lay sobbing on a form.
  • But when a man has formed the habit of deduction, he deduces as he goes along, and is prone to believe what his instinct tells him.
  • I excused a great deal in him, however, knowing that comic actors are a little prone to this infirmity of temper.
  • There are amongst those classes too many who, having little or nothing to lose, are naturally prone to fish in the troubled waters of sedition.
  • We are aware, indeed, that our faculties are limited on all sides, and that we are exceedingly prone to assume more than belongs to us.
  • From the quantity of urea present, it is very prone to decomposition, and soon becomes alkaline, especially in warm weather.
  • Hefferom stretched out a hand toward the prone figure of Rowan, who was lying there still with closed eyes.
  • I never heard any one who so magnetised me from the pulpit, and I am by no means prone to admire sermons.
  • When the tale was ended, Devaka threw herself prone at my feet, and pressed her lips to the hem of my robe.
  • The common Englishman is prone to forget a cardinal article in the bill of social rights, that every man has a right to his own ears.
  • Lord Beresford and other noble lords had been rather prone to ignore the fact that Germany was a blockaded country.
  • I have always had the poetical feeling, that is to say, I have always been an idle fellow and prone to play the vagabond.
  • There is, no doubt, an easy self-delusion, prone to identify its own cause with God's.
  • Before he could reach her, with an upflinging of her arms toward that orb which had so wondrously answered her, Hilda fell prone upon the sward.
  • His mountaineer intellect, prone to "spells" and "charms," saw in it at once an instrument of morta: witchcraft.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Prone | Prone Sentence

  • But humanity is prone to error.
  • I flung myself prone on the beach, exhausted.
  • You may have noticed that Time is prone to reticence.
  • He almost stumbled over the prone figure of Collie.
  • Domestic servants are very prone to adopt this mode of discipline.
  • I seized her by the hair and dragged her till she lay prone on the floor.
  • It is an error to think that men of genius are especially prone to manias.
  • The youth sprawled prone at once, felled by a blow between the eyes.
  • Young people, in our country, are much more prone to melancholy.

Definition of Prone

Lying face downward. | Having a downward inclination or slope. | Shooting from a lying down position.
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