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  • Emmy Lou felt an uncharacteristic proneness to tears.
  • Webster's proneness was to repose, almost indolence.

How To Use Proneness In A Sentence?

  • This proneness to luxury became a habit which seemed constantly indulged without any motive.
  • I mention this as an example of his proneness to imitation, and also of his economical habits.
  • Their defect is that of the Shiraz, a proneness to curl and puff themselves with pride.
  • Help Thy children to recognize their proneness to blunder, that they learn to walk circumspectly.
  • I tried to do better, but the more I tried to live unto God the more I discovered the proneness of my heart to sin.
  • Ernest, with all his proneness to exaggerate the importance of my actions, did not do so in reference to this unhappy transaction.
  • One very noticeable and oftentimes laughable peculiarity was his proneness to charge every thing that went wrong to the state of the weather.
  • A proneness to construe less aggravated crimes into acts of treason, made it proper that the constitution should define the crime.
  • Only in part, for the innate proneness of the German mind to research must be credited with some share in the result.
  • A just estimate of that love of power and proneness to abuse it which predominates in the human heart is sufficient to satisfy us of the truth of this position.
  • The Doctor having found out his proneness to these evil courses, Kelly bore no good will to his former patron and associate.
  • It is said in such instances, that they are more likely to conceive; and no doubt they are, as menstruation is an indication of a proneness to conception.
  • The facility with which mankind are misled in their estimate of characters, their proneness to multiply inferences and conjectures, will not be readily conceived by one destitute of my experience.
  • Vocalists are well aware of the proneness of one part of the vocal mechanism, the tongue, to stiffen in consequence of direct attention being paid to this member.
  • To counteract, in so far as may be, this proneness to a mechanical inflexibility, the translator should keep himself free to wield boldly and with full swing his own native speech.
  • But, if the brain has inherited defects, or has acquired a proneness to disease by mismanagement in early life, it will more easily yield to influences that cause diseased action.

Definition of Proneness

The quality or state of being prone, or of bending downward. | The state of lying with the face down. | (dated) Descent; declivity.
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