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  • His purpose is to produce propelling energy.
  • Hyrst raced for the stair, propelling Shearing.
  • Probably the best method of propelling model boats is the electric method.
  • One of the simplest methods of propelling a boat is by means of rubber bands.
  • The hull being finished, let us consider the electric propelling equipment.

How To Use Propelling In A Sentence?

  • To row a partner round is no proof of having done more work than he towards propelling the boat.
  • The wind was now propelling the schooner forward, and her pressure on the ice ceased.
  • If a live snake be laid open, the heart will be seen pulsating and propelling its contents.
  • Gunpowder, on the other hand, is a low explosive, and produces a propelling or heaving effect.
  • All this Jim White knew, and it was the propelling factor that had sent him to the deep woods.
  • Similarly a triaconter would have been capable of adding nearly twenty pairs of arms to her propelling power.
  • The airplane has a propelling power in its motor, and it shifts its wings to take advantage of the currents.
  • Then, propelling it gently and without any splashing of the water, he continued to move down the stream.
  • He was doubtless too busy propelling his great wings and steering with his tail to pay much attention to what his two passengers were saying.
  • There was but one way of reaching this wreckage, and that was to swim to it, propelling the raft and its fair burden before him.
  • He steered the financier gingerly round the planes, past the propelling and steering fans, and got him into the car.
  • Unless his slide lasts out his swing, his finish, after legs have been extended, will only press the boat without propelling her.
  • At length he bethought him of two short scoop-like paddles, to assist in propelling his craft, and feverishly set about their construction.
  • I placed the report in my private drawer with the purpose of delaying action until I should ascertain where the propelling force existed.
  • The barbecue pits were going again, however, and hawkers were pushing or propelling their little wagons about, vending sandwiches.
  • In spite of the gentle propelling action of this conveyor, it has a thorough sifting action; a perforated plate from 10 to 12 ft.
  • Utilizes gravitational attraction and reversal as a propelling force and can go like the Old Boy himself.
  • A jet of gas, at a very high pressure, escaping from an orifice into the vacuum or ether, would give us a very high propelling force.
  • I saw the fragile structures overwhelmed with a single blow from the young savage, who stood erect, propelling us onward amid the general ruins.
  • The Germans may have found a new kind of powder, or even some propelling gas, that makes no extraordinary report.
  • A Greek by the name of Achytes is reported to have made a wooden dove which flew under the propelling power of heated air.
  • But Raven was good-natured and yet decided, and even went to the door with him, propelling him by a firm yet affectionate hand on his shoulder.
  • A sample of Emmensite, in the form of a coarse powder, was first tried in a pistol, and proved superior in propelling power to ordinary gunpowder.
  • The horses this time went more evenly, and the entire strain of propelling the carriage did not fall upon poor Lady Alice.
  • This last consideration induced me, now, to go to work with the oars, and try to do all I could, by that mode of propelling my dull craft.
  • His one characteristic that would most fully represent him and his work for God and humanity is his propelling tendency to be a reformer of conditions.
  • In 1858 he began his experiments with steam as a propelling power for land carriages, which he temporarily abandoned, and did not patent a road engine until 1784.
  • This excess of power may be utilized for the production and storage of electricity, to be used either for illuminating purposes, or for propelling the ship when becalmed.
  • The propelling apparatus consisted of two large wheels, having numerous aerial fans that alternately beat backward and cut through the air as they oscillated on their axes.
  • In order to provide a better hold for the propelling foot, we fastened around the toe a strap of leather, through which a number of long tacks projected.
  • The individual within this travesty of clothing was painfully propelling a wheelbarrow, in which rode (not without complaint) a substantial woman and a baby.
  • Paul was propelling it alone, his paddle touching the water now on one side, now on the other, lifted across as occasion required as lightly as though it had been a feather.
  • In the bow and stern, propelling the craft with paddles roughly improvised from broken oars, were George and Arthur Warren.
  • The wheels sank to the axles, whizzing round in the snow without propelling the car; with the motor unable to do its part, we men alone could not do all.

Definition of Propelling

present participle of propel | An act of driving or urging onward; propulsion.
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