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  • But reading prophecies is not prophesying.
  • The very beginning of his prophecies shows it.
  • The most fantastic prophecies were indulged in.
  • Their prophecies were principally of death.
  • Some prophecies which had a sound incredible escaped them.
  • The best of us are but prophecies of what is to come.
  • But time passed and their prophecies remained unfulfilled.
  • You know how often my prophecies come true.
  • There are many of these pretended prophecies still extant.
  • Neither of these prophecies had, however, been fulfilled.
  • On the whole, there never were prophecies easier to verify.
  • What prophecies Nigrinus of this day?
  • Miracles, martyrs, and prophecies prove nothing.
  • She writes all the Roumanian sporting prophecies in verse.
  • On every hand Mute prophecies their mission tell.
  • After the twelve prophecies have been recited, the Card.
  • With the Shorter Prophecies allied to it.
  • In the Bible there are prophecies of the coming of Christ.
  • With the memory of the prophecies in his ears had he seen it.
  • Lincoln's political prophecies were all fulfilled.
  • Others of the prophecies borrow from earlier prophets generously.
  • Yet did they occasion the fulfilment of prophecies relating to their country.
  • David had explanations to ask, and then there were prophecies to consult.
  • His prophecies with regard to the great war had been signally fulfilled.
  • He was also famous for his prophecies and the support he gave to visionaries.
  • The monks flattered her with prophecies that she was to reign for many years.
  • The prophecies are worth reading, on account of the style and names of places.
  • Notice how this fulfilment is parallel with the prophecies of the Revelation.
  • That Christ was to suffer is proved from the prophecies concerning him.
  • Let us examine the pretended prophecies which are contained in the Gospels.
  • The time told of in the prophecies of Ki-pah is coming to us.

How To Use Prophecies In A Sentence?

  • Only as there may be continuance of being can these prophecies have fulfillment.
  • She had a cunning way of getting herself off when any of her prophecies failed.
  • If anything can be made clear by criticism it is clear that the prophecies were not his own.
  • Our souls have a right to be heard, and their prophecies have in them an element of certainty.
  • Has ever false prophet lived beyond his generation, if his prophecies were examined?
  • Every Christian communion has applied to itself the prophecies contained in this book.
  • Older examples are found in the prophecies and visions purporting to come from Enoch.
  • But we have more reasons to declare the pretended clear prophecies of the Bible to be fables.
  • In the latter case, however, the prophecies had been originally promulgated by word of mouth.

Definition of Prophecies

plural of prophecy
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