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  • If larger, the dose must be proportionally increased.
  • The Germans in Lima are proportionally few.

How To Use Proportionally In A Sentence?

  • Compared to the sums spent in other industrial struggles, it is proportionally insignificant.
  • After this the sand-ridges became higher, and their bases proportionally more extensive.
  • It is well established that large steamers run proportionally cheaper than small ones.
  • The honourable exceptions are proportionally fewer than in the case of almost any other human infirmity.
  • In those localities where the growing season is later, the seed should be planted proportionally later.
  • Hence, the prices must be proportionally higher to meet the deficit arising from the smaller quantity.
  • Do they suppose, that when the scale of their consequence is kicked down on one side, it rises proportionally on the other?
  • It is, moreover, not proportionally so expensive to maintain seven or eight ships on a line as four.
  • If we lengthen the base line from ten inches to all the miles we can command, of course the point of meeting will be proportionally more distant.
  • The scenery, in the vicinity of this place, began to improve, but the roads were proportionally deteriorated.
  • The amphibia on the Peruvian coast are proportionally much better represented than the two foregoing classes.
  • I reasoned from this that bigger guns made a proportionally greater amount of noise, and bred an infinitely larger quantity of trouble.
  • The pride which, proportionally speaking, does not hurt the character, is the pride in things which reflect no credit on the person at all.
  • There is no reason, that I know of, to suppose the census with these initials to be proportionally larger than that with other letters.
  • The planting of the old south required proportionally less cash outlay annually than any common business that I now call to mind.
  • The tip of the baculum in juveniles and young is proportionally longer, in relation to the shaft, than in subadults, adults, and old adults.
  • Did a white man in the North and in the South have proportionally the same representation in the House?
  • At low water the sea sinks proportionally at Panama below the level of the Atlantic: the reason for this difference is obvious.
  • From the proximity of the West Indian Islands to this locality of the storm-paths, the danger is proportionally increased.
  • The heat necessary to produce this change is drawn from the surrounding medium, which is made proportionally colder by the loss of caloric imparted to the ice and salt.
  • To make the hood larger you have but to continue widening the crown until of proper size, which will make the front proportionally longer and leave the neck wider.
  • Lastly, the pressure itself will vary proportionally with the absolute temperature, as defined by the theory of a perfect gas, and will serve to determine it.
  • It appeared to keep a little distance in advance of her, and as she made efforts to get nearer to see what it was, it seemed proportionally to recede.
  • We have locked up most of twentieth-century culture and done it in a particularly inefficient and senseless way, creating vast costs in order to convey proportionally tiny benefits.
  • Our population advances with a celerity which, exceeding the most sanguine calculations, proportionally augments our strength and resources, and guarantees our future security.

Definition of Proportionally

In proportion; in due degree; adapted relatively.
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