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  • Unfortunately, we cannot agree as to the proportions in which each of them is required.
  • Compared to their present colossal proportions the cities were then mere villages.
  • The fine proportions and spacious and lofty interior will at once strike the visitor.
  • The fine proportions and sturdy treatment of the architecture of this house deserve study.
  • The cartilaginous processes are of the same proportions as ossified processes in the figure mentioned.
  • The proportions and curvature of the stalk vary as do the proportions of the terminal ossifications to each other and to the stalk.
  • Things assume formidable proportions in the darkness and dead quiet of the night that they never have by day.
  • In this clearer perception of proportions the experiences of the religious work of the war is greatly aiding.
  • The base and the acid must always be taken in such proportions as to secure an equal number of each of these ions.
  • There have been instances in literature of the music mastering the thought, but in the case under notice the proportions are justly ministered to.
  • We have come to think that provided you throw furniture and food together in proper proportions you can produce a capable life.
  • Bob was for a moment paralyzed by the immense proportions that the bear displayed, and almost forgot that he had more bullets at his disposal.
  • The ferry grew steadily to huge proportions and for many years a great volume of both passengers and freight was handled upon it.
  • The following list and approximate proportions of material will serve as a fair example of the filling mixture in well-known types of cells.
  • Economy and safety would determine the best proportions for the gun, but we are now considering the feasibility of the project, not its cost.
  • One afternoon about this time a great wagon lumbered in to swell the already unwieldy proportions of the trek, and outspanned under a big tree.
  • The proportions of England's supplies drawn from different fields is indicated in the table below.
  • This is the ordinary composition of granite, but there are a great many variations, chiefly as to color and proportions of the ingredients named.
  • We loved Mary, but sensibility had to shrink from those great proportions and that elemental strength.
  • The mental disturbance must constantly be looked upon as a change of proportions between functions which, as such, belong to every normal life.
  • These two notes were found in historical Christianity in different proportions at different periods and amongst different classes.
  • Lead, tin, bismuth, and cadmium can be combined in such proportions as will enable the alloy to melt at temperatures from 140 deg.
  • Pride in the physical grandeur, the magnificent proportions of our country, has for generations been the master passion of Americans.
  • In continental Europe even the most trivial, innocent audacity assumes at once such utterly preposterous proportions of evil.
  • The interior, in its loftiness and elaborate fretwork, its well-schemed proportions and ample windows, excites the liveliest admiration.
  • Bucks, who, indeed, could hardly be reckoned so much of the company as its head, was a man of commanding proportions physically.
  • This complete equation has the advantage of making it possible to calculate very easily the proportions in which the various substances enter into the reaction or are formed in it.
  • She doubled up her fist, and such were her Amazonian proportions and the determination in her face that Grief knew the council would be called.
  • The seriousness of this issue cannot be magnified by the art and skill of writers and speakers, nor can it be dwarfed to the proportions of a personal controversy.
  • Things were strangely mixed up, the real and the unreal grouped and mingled in a manner that gave to all the just proportions and appearance of sober actualities.
  • In politics we require order as well as liberty, and have to consider the proportions in which under given circumstances they may be safely combined.
  • Then my eyes: they were large; in fact, the undue proportions they assumed when I looked ill or tired formed a family joke.
  • A portion of my narcotic preparation was thoroughly mixed with the contents of each of the decanters in such proportions that a glass of the wine would be sufficient to produce the desired effect.
  • I was surprised at the strange attitudes which the sculptors had chosen to represent, all more or less distorted, although the human proportions were admirable.
  • Quite suddenly this belated news assumed proportions far more significant than the coming of Big Brother Bill.
  • The wool mats were in their turn replaced by carpets, which gradually increased in size till their proportions became such as to cover the entire floor on which they were placed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Proportions | Proportions Sentence

  • The proportions of the four ossifications are approximately the same.
  • Yet there were still the make and proportions of the handsome athlete.
  • The massive lines of the chair made her proportions seem wraithlike.
  • The building has only a ground floor, but its proportions are very elegant.

Definition of Proportions

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of proportion | plural of proportion | (informal) A person's figure.
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