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  • The prosecuting attorney now began his speech.
  • The cotton thief served as prosecuting attorney.
  • Why are you placed here, as prosecuting officer?
  • The prosecuting attorney was speaking with the judge when they went in.
  • Sign this order for prosecuting immediately the trial of the sorcerer.
  • I suppose Michael has given up the absurd idea of prosecuting the man.
  • They don't even know how to set about prosecuting Florence Levasseur.

How To Use Prosecuting In A Sentence?

  • If any do appear more zealous in prosecuting the countries complaints they know what to expect.
  • The prosecuting attorney, with a taste for climaxes, reserved his chief witness to the last.
  • Then the prosecuting counsel proceeded to open his case on behalf of the Crown.
  • Now, Chief, unless you are bent upon prosecuting your conquest to the left, we may go.
  • His name was Slemmens; he used to be prosecuting attorney at Napoleon, Arkansas.
  • It happened that a friend of mine, from London, was prosecuting certain researches among the MS.
  • It is supposed that his death was caused by too severe exertion while he was prosecuting a favorite sport.
  • A brilliant prosecution in a matter of vital public interest can make the career of a prosecuting attorney.
  • So, having asked a few perfunctory questions, he turned the witness over to the prosecuting attorney.
  • The fiscal officers were able to carry out these infamies because they were at once prosecuting attorney, judge and jury.
  • The prosecuting attorney having given his consent, there was no doubt in the minds of those interested as to the continuance of the case.
  • By committing and prosecuting divers worthy prelates for humbly petitioning to be excused from concurring to the said assumed power.
  • But if such is the cruelty to beasts in prosecuting war, what is the cruelty to man, born for immortality?
  • Ye'll learn perhaps that in law, a friend prosecuting is better than a friend defending!
  • The prosecuting advocate opened the girl's evidence quietly, with the usual preliminaries.
  • He studied them carefully until they faded out of sight, and then arose and wrote a description which was forwarded to the prosecuting attorney.
  • Newton, who had no means of prosecuting further inquiry, was obliged to be satisfied with the intelligence that his mother was alive and well.
  • The prosecuting attorney began to feel sure of his own case; he had come to his last witness and his great stroke.
  • The church hates a thinker precisely for the same reason a robber dislikes a sheriff, or a thief despises the prosecuting witness.
  • Next followed the address of the prosecuting judge-advocate, which conformed in almost every detail to the substance of the act of accusation.
  • The nation, wholly occupied in prosecuting the designs of its chief, had previously not had time to form any plans for itself.
  • But it was not our world-politics, as such, that brought about our downfall; but the way we set to work in prosecuting our policy.
  • The prosecuting advocate, on the contrary, exhibited it with manifest care and parade, as a most important link in the case.
  • That way of meeting the new movement was silenced by threats of prosecuting any who should make personal charges against the leaders of Theosophy.
  • It seemed to them that Lincoln was letting the case go by default, while the prosecuting attorney was full of energetic activity.
  • Above all we thank God for putting us into this ministry for the poor and the ignorant, and for the success granted to us in prosecuting it.
  • His Excellency was very polite, and offered me every facility for travelling about the country and prosecuting my researches in natural history.
  • Does it make any difference because Mr. Runnells is defending in the one case and prosecuting in the other?
  • Having obtained the stores which were required, Newton lost no time in prosecuting his voyage to England.
  • The king lost no time in prosecuting his designs against Mentz, into which the flower of the Spanish troops had thrown themselves.
  • The prosecuting attorney took him sharply in hand at once for though he had been called as a witness for the prosecution it was well known that he was unwilling to testify at all.
  • In each county are elected a sheriff, a county clerk, a county treasurer, a register of deeds, and a prosecuting attorney, all for two years.
  • Not being able to secure the attendance of all my witnesses, my attorney wrote the prosecuting attorney asking his consent that my case be continued.

Definition of Prosecuting

present participle of prosecute
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