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  • It is also necessary to the prosecution of my studies.
  • A man at the prosecution table had risen.
  • Finally, the prosecution rested its case.
  • The prosecution centred round that point, and no other.
  • He was compelled to forego the further prosecution of his enterprise.
  • The right of appeal was the privilege of private prosecution for crime.
  • Why those personal discussions between the prosecution and witnesses?...
  • The prosecution was, therefore, once more called upon to state the case.
  • A thorough prosecution of the U-boat campaign was also a feasible scheme.
  • The prosecution of Jane Withersteen is the theme of the story.
  • Andrew Jackson Hickock left the prosecution table and approached.
  • The further prosecution of the search was left to Colonel Quinnox and his men.
  • Then the prosecution called in a witness named David Crockett Longfellow.

How To Use Prosecution In A Sentence?

  • No prosecution for adultery can be commenced but on complaint of the husband or wife.
  • The only adequate mode of proof would be by the prosecution of an actual abuse.
  • But labor is by no means exclusively an evil, nor is its prosecution a dishonor.
  • What does the common law say about the prosecution coming into court with clean hands?
  • A lot of the evidence against him was quite true, but the prosecution had twisted it abominably.
  • By dusk the case for the prosecution was finished, and that for the defense was supposed to begin.
  • The Prosecution hoped to show that this chain was the one which I had said had been stolen.
  • In the prosecution of these objects, he relied not in vain on God; but, in the progress, he was called to endure great obloquy and great opposition.
  • Fear of prosecution and inability to establish his innocence against the united persecution of bank officials had driven him from the country.
  • Robert told a part of his story, ending with the announcement that he was forced to fly from home to escape prosecution for treason.
  • Naturally, a man facing prosecution on a murder charge is liable to be nervous, whether he is innocent or not.
  • As for the statement that no "instruments of the crime" were brought in from outside, how did the prosecution know that?
  • Not even in Tokugawa times was the supernatural cause of prosecution except at the hands of the vulgar.
  • The prosecution hemmed and hawed for a moment, and then announced, in a hasty mumble, that it rested.
  • Moreover, it wanted a prosecution to call attention to it: the fear of calling such attention may have prevented prosecutions.
  • And if ever he found his rights invaded, or even disputed, there was no extremity or expense he declined in the defence or prosecution of them.
  • The prosecution closed at four-thirty and Silvia asked for an adjournment until morning to open her case.
  • Although only a civil action, the evidence against Bellamy was so damaging that a criminal prosecution was bound to follow.
  • It was in vain that the Major protested and threatened prosecution for swindling, and called witnesses to the transaction.
  • If, before judgment upon an indictment, the defendant marry the woman thus seduced, it is a bar to any further prosecution for the offense.
  • The prosecution possibly thought the same, but never expressed the thought, for its absurdity was, of course, obvious.
  • Within two years his paper was suppressed for exciting discontent with the government, and to avoid a prosecution he fled to England.
  • The evidence for the prosecution was very strong; but I must do the court the justice to observe that the trial was absolutely impartial.
  • That was that the dogged prosecution of the war and the ultimate victory must be credited to George Washington.
  • Not at all; but to Napoleon as pledged by his destiny to the prosecution of a French conquering policy.
  • After some delay she pleaded guilty and was sentenced to pay the costs of the prosecution ($76.42), and released on parole.
  • He suddenly lost heart as he thought of Lady Olive and the prosecution of his well-ordered courtship.

Definition of Prosecution

The act of prosecuting a scheme or endeavor. | (law) The institution of legal proceedings (particularly criminal) against a person. | (law) The prosecuting party.
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