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  • The prosecutor was eager.
  • The prosecutor was baffled.
  • The prosecutor looked in his direction with a frown.
  • The rasping speech of the prosecutor was finished at last.
  • Without making any comment, the prosecutor sat down.
  • The prosecutor never left Italy.
  • In this affair Winthrop acted as prosecutor and judge.
  • The Prosecutor for the Crown.
  • Gail Thackeray was a former prosecutor in Philadelphia.
  • He gave only the answers that the prosecutor forced from him.
  • And the prosecutor does not interrupt him in his infamous speech?
  • The prosecutor passed these witnesses with serene confidence.
  • You're the real intended prosecutor here.
  • The prosecutor requested the defendant to explain their possession.
  • The prosecutor knew the incidents and knew what men had said to each other.
  • Then the prosecutor went back in the story to establish a motive.
  • The crown prosecutor watched the prisoner's counsel.
  • The prosecutor was shaken out of his pose a bit by the court-room laugh.
  • The Crown Prosecutor glanced at his notes and prepared to question him.
  • The Crown prosecutor blinked, and eventually Samuel Potter was discharged.
  • The prosecutor demanded four months' detention and degradation.
  • Mr. James Stuart, Q.C., was the prosecutor on the part of the crown.

How To Use Prosecutor In A Sentence?

  • The prosecutor announced that the efforts of his detectives had resulted in nothing more.
  • A public prosecutor of nuisances is more wanted than a public prosecutor of crime.
  • The examining magistrate and the public prosecutor had drawn nearer in astonishment.
  • Perhaps the county physician may have requested it, or the prosecutor of the pleas.
  • The prosecutor threw off his friendly manner like a rustic flinging his coat for a fight.
  • But the judge waved him down, and the prosecutor pressed his new line of inquisition.
  • The prosecutor said, all he knew was that he was pulled behind by somebody several times.
  • The agents of the Public Prosecutor never came there for food for the guillotine.
  • Docs not the decree of St. Stephen lay it down that the prosecutor must be a married man?
  • The libertine and prosecutor of Mrs. Wentworth is no more, and to God we leave him.
  • She was under examination at least three hours, and only once did the prosecutor succeed in exciting her so that she developed any passion.
  • Did the prosecutor hold her more of an enemy than a friend to his efforts to convict the man whose hand had made her a widow?
  • The cattle-thief prosecutor has appeared, and will shortly present himself blushing before the public gaze.
  • Even if the prosecutor intended to deal in counterfeit money, that is no reason why the appellant should go unwhipped of justice.
  • It seemed incumbent upon the prosecutor to make some sort of a statement, but the attorney for the defence interposed.
  • In vain did the public prosecutor point out that there was a decree of the Convention ordering him to proceed.
  • The public prosecutor tried in vain to shake his story, but he positively adhered to every word he had spoken.
  • I'll bring back the public prosecutor with me, and then we'll sift this wretched business to the bottom.

Definition of Prosecutor

(law) a prosecuting attorney. | (law) a person, as a complainant, victim, or chief witness, who institutes prosecution in a criminal proceeding.
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