Prospecting In A Sentence

Definition of Prospecting

present participle of prospect | The act of one who prospects.

How To Use Prospecting In A Sentence?

  • The preceding chapter dealt more especially with prospecting as carried on in alluvial fields.
  • A young trooper rides up to the door and drives me round prospecting with a lantern.
  • As far as the public is supposed to know, this is just a war-material prospecting company.
  • They were fighting with prospecting parties, and prospecting parties were fighting one another.
  • Even in districts so remote as the Koyukuk, signs of old prospecting are encountered.
  • Other bands, looking like legitimate prospecting parties, began to filter into the Badlands.
  • He tells Rutherford that he has been prospecting and has found gold in Lonesome Park.
  • We started on our prospecting tour and went northeast to a place now called Big Oak Flat.
  • I was prospecting among the Ute hills, while Leaping Horse was doing the hunting for us both.
  • Entering the hall, she looked at a little room to the right in which the manager awed prospecting tenants.
  • That way, we'll have to engage in regular prospecting and salvage work as a front.
  • She possessed a house and a valley; and a young man prospecting in the latter met with an accident and was discovered by the child.
  • They were waiting for the spring, having a prospecting trip in view; simply spending the winter eating up their grub.
  • Dane felt his own knees weak beneath him, and his voice was hoarse when he hailed a carrier whose load consisted of prospecting tools.
  • The land lay in great ridges and valleys, and he soon found that prospecting was almost as rough work as fighting the river.
  • The steady following up of one consistent plan more commended itself to me, and prospecting in mid-winter would try the strength of a giant.
  • No sensible person goes prospecting in mid-winter; but, being here, we had better spend three days more.
  • We've been talking about prospecting for placer gold up on the Colorado, for ten years.
  • Went prospecting once, up Teslin way, past Surprise Lake and the Little Yellow-Head.
  • This done, he left me some money and told me to get an Indian to help me and off he went on one of his prospecting trips.
  • What he don't know, whether it is about prospecting for gold or hunting for beasts, ain't worth knowing, you bet.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Prospecting | Prospecting Sentence

  • I have been prospecting for gold in this region lately.
  • The old prospecting optimism had come back.
  • He had ample to travel on, and finance prospecting trips.
  • Shall I go prospecting for precious metals?
  • The indications are that they are prospecting for spring housekeeping.
  • She was as much excited over the prospecting expedition as he was.
  • I know you and your overseer objected to my prospecting for gold about here.
  • I'm merely taking a prospecting trip.
  • That's what guys out exploring and prospecting need.
  • I have found this simple lesson in practical prospecting of use since.
  • He sent this particular prospecting party away nearly two months ago.
  • Thady Shea knew more about prospecting for tungsten than he did about cooking.
  • To go prospecting with the Reefer was an honour sought by many.
  • It was Thor's chief prospecting hour.
  • MacEntee then wanted to go to prospecting also, and he departed.
  • He was one of us out there when we were prospecting up the Newey Valley.
  • They started out alone, Milton, for a little vacation prospecting trip.
  • They've been prospecting where they prospected twenty years ago.
  • This man's life had literally been spent on the prospecting trail.

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