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  • It ran through a rich country and had assured prospects of through western traffic.
  • The prospects of man would be dark indeed on the supposition of its being abolished.
  • Whatever profession he chose to follow, he had the most dazzling prospects of success.
  • I was also sorely mortified to find all my prospects of becoming a hero blasted.
  • The winter had been unusually mild, and the prospects of the spring trade were very favorable.
  • I wish nothing may be gathering in the horizon to obscure the prospects of the patriotic party.
  • It enters into our prospects of development, our investment values and our insurance rates.
  • His case seemed hard; his prospects of innocent felicity had been too banefully obscured.
  • In this part of the country the prospects of the Confederacy appeared to be very gloomy.
  • Because no Union can be agreeable which does not present prospects of reciprocal benefits.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Prospects Of | Prospects Of Sentence

  • What are their prospects of finding them?
  • The future prospects of a family!
  • The prospects of more rain were not bright.
  • The plan had sound prospects of success.
  • Good news had come of the prospects of war.
  • Well, the prospects of his estate were not too brilliant.
  • My death would not affect the prospects of the accused.
  • The prospects of my own career seemed gloomy enough too.
  • No doubt the livelier prospects of town life allure many.
  • What are the prospects of the Church?
  • This was a sad blow to the prospects of the Company.
  • What of the prospects of whisky-shifts in England?
  • The prospects of South Africa are very dubious.
  • Everything seems to militate against my prospects of happiness.
  • She was delightfully optimistic about the prospects of amusement for the day.
  • I took no further trouble about the future prospects of my nose.
  • The prospects of the new capital during its infancy were not promising.
  • What are the prospects of any society of which that tale is the true history?
  • You have the prospects of loving one man and marrying another.
  • Their country-seats embrace prospects of inexpressible loveliness.
  • Thus were the prospects of this pious gentleman blasted in one day.
  • On the issue hang the prospects of my darling wife and children.
  • The prospects of the morrow offered serious matter for consideration.
  • The prospects of practical success seemed remoter than ever.
  • But would he not rejoice in the bright prospects of his favourite sister?
  • Spoil a poor man's prospects of dying cheerful!
  • What then are the hopes and prospects of covetousness, ambition, and rapacity?
  • Now he sees, he hopes in, the boundless prospects of covenant grace.
  • The future prospects of the family of God are not uncertain.
  • Now let us look at the prospects of the Association thus formed.
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