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  • It goes without saying that illegal prostitution and gambling have been prohibited.
  • The children that fill the houses of prostitution are not of foreign blood and race.
  • It was impossible that true military spirit should survive this prostitution of the art of war.
  • Masturbation or prostitution soon blight the brightest prospects a young man may have.
  • It may also be added that to the woman of strong sexuality the career of prostitution is suited.
  • For this reason, if for no other, the existence of prostitution has to be faced by women.
  • This, apart altogether from the fact that marriage is fertile and prostitution infertile.
  • Did she consider the expression of such a person as Cherubino a prostitution of the art?
  • In Brunswick, those convicted of the heinous crime of fostering prostitution were buried alive.
  • They call brute desire passion, and love lust, and prostitution marriage, and the body the soul.
  • They were pitiful because they represented a prostitution of thought by men conscious of the nature of their action.
  • The inmates of a house of prostitution continued to wear a distinctive dress whenever they appeared on the streets.
  • As a matter of fact, prostitution is no more a safeguard for the purity of the home than rigid laws are a safeguard against prostitution.
  • Very early, as we have noted in a preceding chapter, houses of prostitution were established and regulated by law.
  • From this element of prostitution was disentangled, to a large extent, the great gallantry of the eighteenth century.
  • In view of these economic horrors, is it to be wondered at that prostitution and the white slave trade have become such dominant factors?
  • To the moralist prostitution does not consist so much in the fact that the woman sells her body, but rather that she sells it out of wedlock.
  • But as an unbiassed inquirer I have learnt that seduction as a cause of prostitution requires very careful examination.
  • If prostitution is proven against a house, that house is closed for one year, the owner losing the rent for that time.
  • She has drunk in the poisonous cup filled by "the mother of harlots," and she has found the wine of her prostitution sweet.
  • To ascribe the increase in prostitution to alleged importation, to the growth of the cadet system, or similar causes, is highly superficial.
  • There seem to be no sex-problems, no difficulties in marriage, no celibacy, no prostitution among the Iroquoians.
  • Little children who are bought for purposes of prostitution at the age of five or six years fetch about the same price as those that are bought to be singers.
  • The evil that arises from adultery and prostitution is a vital question of religion and morality and cannot be fully dealt with in a treatise on health.
  • Without the assistance of the prostitution of one class of women and the enforced celibacy of another class our marriage in its present form could not stand.
  • The result was that the authorities in charge saw fit to yield to the pressure and arranged that the new buildings for prostitution should be erected on the outskirts of the city.
  • On the whole, I believe the amount of prostitution in Yedo to be wonderfully small, considering the vast size of the city.
  • The prostitute is very often a woman of peculiar mentality or overdeveloped animal instincts; and many women are driven to prostitution by drink and poverty.
  • It was the torture of disgrace, unearned shame, burnt into their backs by those who think syphilis a weapon against prostitution and a punishment for sin.
  • Gambling is increasing, saloons are doing a lively business through back entrances, prostitution is at its height, and the system of pimps and cadets is but aggravated.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Prostitution | Prostitution Sentence

  • It meant the prostitution of his faculties.
  • De la prostitution dans la ville de Paris.
  • There is no doubt that prostitution is very profitable to the clever trader.
  • Every attempt hitherto to grapple with prostitution has been a failure.
  • Morality is at a discount in the capital, and prostitution common.
  • It is to this prostitution of love that sex-differences have carried us.
  • A result of prostitution that is important is the unfitting for regular life.
  • It is possible that prostitution may be a relic of this early sexual freedom.
  • Young girls are ruined, and licentiousness and prostitution flourish.
  • LIPPERT, H.: Prostitution in Hamburg.

Definition of Prostitution

Engaging in sexual activity with another person for pay. | (by extension) Debasement for profit or impure motives.
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