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  • Yet there is nothing prosy or commonplace.
  • Everything is dreadfully prosy in our age.
  • But you do not care about all this prosy stuff.
  • Outside the weather was indeed prosy and commonplace.
  • Our prosy lectures are wasted time.
  • It is a prosy life among the masses of the people.
  • But Sam was certainly prosy in his head.
  • There is neither a prosy page nor a sensational chapter in it.
  • Cupid in cap and gown and spectacles is a decidedly prosy divinity.
  • They swopped long prosy yarns about dull incidents, and I was very much bored.
  • Dear," what was the use of hunting up such prosy names as May or Alice?

How To Use Prosy In A Sentence?

  • She was not especially appreciated, for she was considered prosy and commonplace.
  • It was something new for great elephants to be seen walking through the prosy business streets.
  • Hugonet, a member of the ducal council, answered their address with a prosy speech.
  • Mary's; of Pusey's interminable and prosy harangues he could not bear even to think.
  • He might have replied that there were American cities she might find less prosy than El Paso.
  • Certainly it was a refreshing departure from the prosy or clumsy-witted efforts common to that period.
  • But the modern scientist has taken it out of the realm of poetry and put it into the prosy play of every-day life.
  • Even if this story were fiction, instead of prosy fact, you would foresee just what was bound to happen.
  • She happened to have no engagement for the evening, and, being alone, was glad of even the companionship of a prosy attorney.
  • It was printed on a sheet ten by eighteen inches in size, and gave the greater portion of its space to two or three prosy essays.
  • Had he done this artistic bit of acting for the purpose of spending his Christmas on the flat of his back talking to a prosy old doctor?
  • Might not the contents of the Journals, in like sort, be rendered somewhat less prosy than they sometimes are by being versified?
  • He gives the facts, and loses much of the spirit, often spoiling the beauty of the Biblical narrative by a prosy paraphrase.
  • What a practical rebuke, besides, to prosy talkers and the whole long-winded race, the sharp, short tap of the telegraph!
  • This is what I remarked when I got home again, and found myself growing as practical and prosy as ever.
  • Those who had been privileged to hear them discovered that remarks had been made at which they had laughed, and that the speakers were not such prosy old fossils as they had suspected.
  • The novelty of this life soon wore away, and I found myself the creature of no romance, but plodding along a prosy road with very practical people.
  • I am certain you remember what pleasure it gave you to make "contrary" rhyme with "Mary" instead of pronouncing it in the proper and prosy way.
  • To the prosy geologists, who mess about with their little hammers, these tremendous boulders are no doubt merely evidences of titanic natural convulsions.
  • So Dominie Romeyn always fixed his lack-lustre eye on me, and seemed to develop all his long, prosy arguments one by one to me personally.
  • The story people all sit down and fold their hands, and wait till the close thick pages of prosy prosy are over, and when they get up again and go on they have forgotten their parts.
  • He was bald and clean-shaved but for scraps of side-whiskers that gave him a resemblance to the traditional stage-lawyer of amateur theatricals, a likeness increased by his heavy and prosy manner.
  • Even if the talker is prosy and prolix, the well-bred person will appear interested, and at appropriate intervals make such remarks as shall show that he has heard and understood all that has been said.

Definition of Prosy

Unpoetic (of speech or writing); dull and unimaginative. | Behaving in a dull way (of a person); boring, tedious.
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