Protean in a sentence

Definition of Protean

Exceedingly variable; readily assuming different shapes or forms. | Alternative letter-case form of Protean (of or relating to Proteus).

How to use Protean in a Sentence?

  • The protean quality of software is one of the great sources of its fascination.
  • I can see him playing a Protean part with the full sanction of his profession and of the law.
  • This mighty but protean feeling I shall attempt to define on broader principles than has hitherto been done.
  • The ingenuity of the judges and of those who are concerned to defeat or defy justice have rendered contempt almost Protean in its character.
  • For, whatever they may be, they favour the growth of sentimentality, the protean and indescribably subtle enemy of common sense.
  • The good news of Christianity, having no scientific and indeed no natural basis, has been Protean in its forms.
  • I have ventured to put down as one of the four great historical explanations, under the heading of the unfolding principle, a conception that has taken protean forms.

Short Example Sentence for Protean

  • A protean and beautiful malady!
  • Such a faith would necessarily be protean in its aspects.
  • It meets one at every turn, and in protean shapes.
  • But this protean plastic takes innumerable forms and almost as many names.
  • She had not seen this protean property of Genius just at first.
  • You know what a hydra-headed beast `flu' is, and its Protean after effects.

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