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  • I do not deserve any love or protection for my own sake.
  • I demand protection for the native ditcher.
  • And there was adequate protection for the landing-party.
  • There was urgent need of special protection for her.
  • And there was adequate protection for the landing-party.
  • She had turned to him for protection, for tenderness.
  • The stone pillars would afford protection for the riflemen.
  • Shelter, my lord, and protection for the innocent!
  • American citizens in, protection for, discussed, 63.
  • Hager stopped the sled behind their protection for a short rest.
  • No moccasins, nor any other protection for the feet, were worn.
  • The little home seemed to offer a much desired protection for the coming night.
  • I intend to secure Government patronage and protection for this scheme.
  • But the footboard was no sufficient protection, for I could be seen over it.
  • But he could not go; all he asked was protection for his dear monks at Luxeuil.

How To Use Protection For In A Sentence?

  • Surely, such a flower of a girl would be protected if there was protection for anyone!
  • He saw her reason now; it had arisen in an instinct of tender protection for himself.
  • In combination the duties of protection for the common good take on a larger view.
  • Both of the Earthmen were soon wishing they had protection for their smarting eyes.
  • An outer wall, with some slight fortifications, served as a protection for the cattle at night.
  • In order to view the sun it is, of course, necessary to contrive some protection for the eyes.
  • She asks for good crops, and protection for the field from all animals, blight and drought.
  • A lady came to implore his protection for one of her relations confined in the Abbaye.
  • Why should not India, then, claim special protection for her undeveloped industry?
  • The retiarii had no defensive armor except a leather protection for the shoulder, shown in Fig.
  • The purport of this interview was to solicit protection for the Israelites in the East.
  • Then the future Chatham Square was fenced in as a place of protection for the cattle.
  • In hotels they might have been molested, but I knew that I could get protection for my house.
  • Literary authors had protection for their literary work much earlier than artists for their artistic productions.
  • It is the dog's natural protection for the muzzle and the thinly haired extremities.
  • The third guaranteed protection for the persons and property of the parties legally undertaking the construction of the canal.
  • The roofs are of thatch with a fairly good overhang at the eaves in order to form a protection for the walls.
  • Pointing to the threat of digital piracy, they demanded and received extra legal protection for their copyrighted content.
  • The mountain valleys afforded a splendid protection for the cattle, as did the numerous coulees with which the country was seamed.
  • He demanded from the law protection of his property, protection for those whose right to continue at work was inalienable.
  • The old mansion had also hidden protection for larger bodies than could be concealed under the recumbent lion by the fireplace.
  • If he is to realise his full potentialities, he must have protection for years after birth and an extended time for development.
  • It does not deserve protection, for it eats the buds and blossoms of fruit trees and does little to compensate for all the harm done.
  • The rafters are prolonged so as to project 4.25 feet in front, in order to form a protection for the purchaser.
  • Each of these caps was, however, quilted with steel links so as to afford a most valuable protection for the head.
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