Protest In A Sentence

How To Use Protest In A Sentence?

  • He raised again the protest of Molyneux for a free parliament and constitution.
  • The girl could make no protest at this enigmatic speech, and the even voice went on.
  • It was his protest against the interest roused in the community by this Jane who sold sandwiches.
  • So as he lay and listened to his daughter he uttered some bit of reason or some feeble protest only now and then.
  • She cooked steaks and chops for him, and served them with an air of protest that took away his appetite.
  • I could by no means fathom the reason for it, but by mid-afternoon the protest had grown into a piercing shriek.
  • When he found that the other powers were bent upon this step and that his protest would be unheeded, he withdrew from the congress.
  • He had no protest to offer that her love, the love of a wife for a husband, was utterly beyond his reach.
  • But there are other strokes of destiny, other facts of the universe, against which we protest as a child protests when deprived of the moon.
  • The agent knew that his protest had touched the limit, consequently there was nothing left him but to carry out instructions to the letter.
  • Patricia screwed up her face into a mocking protest and had opened her lips, when the sound of the elevator made them start eagerly to the door.
  • Charlie, however, was in no way deceived, but such was his regard for this simple-minded creature that his protest was of the mildest.
  • Without heeding the protest of his old landlady, I entered the room where he still slept the sleep of the just.
  • Then he lent a hand to Williams, and in spite of the gurgled protest of the victim, bound his hands.
  • Nakagawa and Imai broke out into protest at the completeness of this confession, but Sakurai turned fiercely on them.
  • I was touched by this mute protest against my innocently disorderly way of life, and thereafter I regularly returned home at midnight.
  • Like the old Hebrew prophets, the artist poured out his soul in a vehement protest against evil, and a stirring call to righteousness.
  • All protest meetings were cancelled on August 1st, and the Press restricted itself to chronicling rumours and events.
  • With the air of outraged innocence some of them rise to protest against the stupid myth that Luther "discovered" the Bible.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Protest | Protest Sentence

  • Aggie had uttered her protest against fate.
  • His protest this time was more emphatic.
  • The protest was not over-strong.
  • It was the protest of one who has been hurt.
  • He did not protest or attempt to persuade her.
  • It was her method of protest against the outrage.
  • The protest to Kibei was respectful but emphatic.
  • I protest I love her not the less for it!
  • When to look but a protest in silence was brave; IV.
  • I had no form of protest available against the implications of that.
  • Bill's protest remained uncompleted.
  • He raised her fingers to his lips without any protest from her.
  • Others advised him to submit under protest so as to avoid an open breach.
  • My protest is against those who judge us by our vulgar and coarse types.
  • Iemon bowed flat in acknowledgment and protest at the good-will expressed.
  • And yet many who go the whole hog protest against being tickled with the tail.
  • Carlyle was a great talker, and talked much in protest of talking.
  • Against such conclusions as these I protest with all my strength.
  • As for my sister and my harmlesse man, I doe protest they both are innocent.
  • Maggie Nolan's eyes met hers in wrathful protest as she helped herself.
  • Then, raising his voice, he cried, "I protest against my condemnation.

Definition of Protest

(intransitive) To make a strong objection. | (transitive) To affirm (something). | (transitive, chiefly Canada, US) To object to.
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