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  • He put out a protesting hand.
  • Or publicly protesting the new football rules?
  • His voice ran up the scale of protesting self-defence.
  • A strong prod brought forth a protesting growl.
  • Count Michael ignored the protesting manager.
  • Usually he wears a hurried, unwilling, protesting look.
  • But the boy had regained his speech and held up a protesting hand.
  • He heard him being dragged down the corridor, protesting all the time.
  • McKeogh pulled up and turned his head with a look of protesting inquiry.
  • And she dragged the protesting Cynthia toward the cellar stairs.
  • She was, I say, like a protesting blue flower upon a cinder heap.
  • You will be cold," said Nino, protesting against delay as best he could.

How To Use Protesting In A Sentence?

  • There was much protesting and headshaking, at last ended by the glint of a daric.
  • Aristide held up a protesting hand, and fixed the bear with the irresistible roguery of his eyes.
  • Napoleon returned from Russia sincerely protesting that what he most desired was peace.
  • Besides, the late law for noting and protesting inland bills, alters the case very much.
  • But all this was of no avail, and the poor protesting fellows were sent off with our poor British.
  • I wonder if the protesting professor was one of those invited, and if so, if he attended?...
  • A hasty election provided a protesting cook and a horse wrangler; a V H beef was slaughtered.
  • The penalties were realized in painful digestion, with the duodenum the chiefest of protesting voices.
  • It seemed to her that her whole shivering, protesting body was being absorbed into the strange radiance of the afterglow.
  • Wallie drew off his riding gloves and stepped up briskly in a professional manner and pried open the mouth of the protesting cow.
  • Curran and a few others rose up in their places, solemnly protesting against a policy which sprang from a hidden fear of the lower orders.
  • Her face was upturned towards his, half pathetic, half protesting against the revelation which he was forcing from her.
  • Moans escaped from his lips, moans of agony, as if unconsciously he was protesting against the painful return to consciousness.
  • She seemed at that time unconscious of sex, though she has told me since how full she was of protesting curiosities and restrained emotions.
  • The fife struck up, and the elephant, protesting strongly but uselessly, was gradually lifted off his feet.
  • She was not food for death, his soul cried, passionately protesting against that loss, that impoverishment of the world.
  • The merchant, protesting his innocence, bewailed his wife and children, and tried pitifully to avert his fate.
  • Two more Baluchis were hustled along after him, protesting a little, but looking almost as hopeless.
  • Wordsworth, unfortunately, in protesting against the meretricious garb of mean thoughts, wished to deny verse its more splendid clothing altogether.
  • There was always a doubt lurking below, always a faint resentment, a protesting criticism, a feeling of vitally important omissions.
  • Knowing that to resist meant certain death Cody began slowly to unfasten the dummy pouch, still protesting with much indignation.
  • Suddenly, however, several ministers left the hall, protesting that they had not come to hear a eulogy on Paine.
  • Collins turned and weaved through the stacks and out of the library waving the protesting librarian aside and strode down the corridor toward the laboratories.
  • His violence in protesting against unobjectionable tenants like ourselves reconciles me to dispensing with a dog, especially as it ends with his bark.
  • Together they slowly transformed the house, Samuel Quirk grumbling and protesting at each innovation, while he aided them the while with his purse.
  • It was as if she was protesting against something, beating herself against some invisible, eternal barrier that divided the world into two unequal parts.
  • The Puritans, down to John Bunyan, were perpetually expostulating and protesting against such procedure.
  • He could hear the maid's voice, protesting sleepily, and Father Claude talking quietly to her.

Definition of Protesting

present participle of protest | Protestation.
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