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  • The protoplasm in man has a something in addition to its instincts or its habits.
  • Occasionally these aggregations of protoplasm alter the colour of the dye they take up.
  • The water of the protoplasm is withdrawn by osmosis into the spaces between the cells.
  • It had long been suspected that protoplasm was more complex than was at first thought.
  • This substance protoplasm became now naturally the centre of biological thought.
  • Here, in protoplasm had been apparently found the foundation of living phenomena.
  • A new conception of protoplasm has arisen which demands a different explanation of its origin.
  • The term protoplasm is still in use with different meanings as used by different writers.
  • The apparently simplest protoplasm is probably of really very complex, most minute structure.
  • At this stage cell nuclei are red, protoplasm is yellow, and bacteria are colourless.
  • The protoplasm stiffens in excessive cold, but when the thermometer rises, life stirs again.
  • In this capacity for God lies its receptivity; it is the very protoplasm that was necessary.
  • But after a few years' study it appeared that such a conception of protoplasm was incorrect.
  • The molecules of protoplasm are only a little more complex than the molecules of hydrogen or nitrogen or iron or coal.
  • She had little patience with those who fear that the doctrine of protoplasm must dry up the springs of human effort.
  • We do not know any process by which the ingredients of protoplasm can be combined so as to produce that substance without a previous living being.
  • Most students of protoplasm have therefore abandoned all expectation of making even the simplest living thing.
  • When this reign of protoplasm was at its height and biologists were seeking for even greater simplicity a most astounding discovery was announced.
  • As more careful study of protoplasm was made it soon became evident that there is a very decided difference between the nucleus and the protoplasm.
  • With this conception of protoplasm as the physical basis of life the problems connected with the study of life became more simplified.
  • The foundation of the chemical theory of life was the conception that protoplasm is a definite though complex chemical compound.
  • The more persistent declare life to be a resultant of protoplasm; a fragment of protoplasm is the lowest form of a living being.
  • Of course it was no easy matter to collect this protoplasm in sufficient quantity and pure enough to make a careful analysis.
  • And behind it another wall of protoplasm was pressing forward, and on another side a wall was drifting up.
  • Yet within the space of a few days every woman in the country melted into quivering protoplasm at the very thought of this mystery man!
  • To be sure, vitality is more marvelous than aquacity, but so is protoplasm a more complex compound than water.
  • They consist of a minute droplet of protoplasm (mycroprotein) surrounded by a delicate cell membrane.
  • One of the fundamental characters of the living protoplasm (using the word now in its widest sense) is its extreme instability.
  • Moreover, from the very first, some biologists thought protoplasm to be not one, but more likely a mixture of several substances.
  • The building of the higher animal and plant, as we have seen, is the result of the powers of protoplasm; but protoplasm itself is a machine.
  • Simple forms of protoplasm were found, although none quite so simple as the hypothetical Bathybias.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Protoplasm | Protoplasm Sentence

  • But the wall of protoplasm was gone!
  • A bed of protoplasm in a shock-absorbent tank.
  • Plainly, it is not the protoplasm of earlier years.
  • Only under peculiar conditions can it be seen in protoplasm while alive.
  • The cell becomes elongated and the protoplasm aggregated at opposite poles.
  • Spongioplasm: the net-like structure of protoplasm in a cell.
  • Cytoplasm: the protoplasm of a cell exclusive of nucleus; the cell body.
  • The rest of the contained protoplasm breaks up into "swarm spores" (e).
  • This is not peculiar to the protoplasm of the Christian's soul.

Definition of Protoplasm

(cytology) The entire contents of a cell comprising the nucleus and the cytoplasm. It is a semi-fluid, transparent substance which is the living matter of plant and animal cells.
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