Protruding In A Sentence

Definition of Protruding

present participle of protrude

How To Use Protruding In A Sentence?

  • Most of them carried flowers entwined round the rifle barrel or protruding from its mouth.
  • He reached back for the pink newspaper so habitually protruding from his hip-pocket.
  • There appeared to be the tip of a tail protruding from behind one of the squat legs.
  • All she could see of the lead hero in the bowler hat were his legs protruding from the drain.
  • A small spring is placed over the protruding end of the pivot and a nut put in place.
  • Again he struggled, his eyes wild and protruding with the blood pressure of his straining.
  • The Sov officer grunted in agony, stared down at the protruding hilt unbelievingly.
  • We sat down, and I saw protruding from his hip pocket the butt end of a revolver.
  • The Grand Vizier gazed venomously at the interpreter, protruding his head more than ever.
  • The words "Give a kiss" produce a drawing near of head and protruding of lips (306).
  • They had been coupled together by means of a rein, the loop of which was fastened to a protruding root.
  • With bursting veins and protruding tongue he struggled helplessly to escape as his assailant dragged him toward the safe.
  • A few swift touches on the outer face of the crude pot removes protruding masses and roughly shapes the surface.
  • His horse lay across his body breathing its last, with entrails protruding from a gaping wound in the flank.
  • As the two friends passed, they saw a massive head protruding through the open half of one of those doors.
  • With great protruding lips, and no chin to speak of, they were surely the ugliest women in the world.
  • The fierce creatures stared at her with protruding bead-like eyes, and in a way that seemed positively menacing.
  • Gabriel, his head protruding from his stall, watched this scene with dilated eyes and quivering nostrils.
  • Malone spotted the gun barrel protruding from the Buick and yelled just before the first shot went off.
  • A couple of flocks of floating decoys were anchored to a protruding spur of ice, and for an hour or so the four had their fill of slaughter.
  • Her nerveless hands loosened their clasp upon the sley and it fell to the ground, clattering on the protruding roots of the trees.
  • The black hair of the mane was protruding over the back of the tent, and the tufted tail dangled close to the face of the musician.
  • Where poaching is practised, keepers often place in the likeliest places a number of strong stakes armed with protruding nails.
  • In one of these paroxysms his coat tail flapped to one side and hung pendant on the handle of a six-shooter protruding from his hip pocket.
  • The handles consist of bird-like heads, with protruding eyes and long bills that curve downward and connect with the shoulder of the vase.
  • His heart was lost, his breeches were ragged, and his boots showed a set of fat, gouty toes protruding from them.
  • The whole thing was constructed of lateral, raw pine logs, carefully dovetailed, with the ends protruding at the angles.
  • Some distance away he saw a shoulder protruding from behind a tree, Jack raised his rifle and fired.
  • Mr. Newlington, purple of face and his eyes protruding horridly, was beating the air with his hands.
  • Hideously dirty and torn comforters with protruding cotton filling, were spread on the ground; and individuals began to roll up, feet to the fire.
  • All protruding structures, spires and factory-chimneys, had been levelled to the ground by the Germans so as to afford no mark for fire.
  • Almost the first thing which his searching eyes found was the heavy Winchester, three inches of its barrel protruding from a roll of bedding.
  • Ephraim Schmidt started from his chair like a maniac, his eyes protruding wildly, and his face purple-black with rage.
  • The Learys, assailed with sticks, replied with sticks torn from old packing-cases, with protruding nails.
  • His white tie, which, by way of contrast, was always clean, had become unfastened; and his shirt-front was protruding from his waistcoat.
  • Green tickets bearing the names of the candidates whom progress had chosen to watch over the common weal could be seen protruding from the pockets of their waistcoats.
  • They keep massed there on the water at that particular point, with their flippers protruding above the surface, as if they were as free from danger as so many picnickers.
  • This man was larger even than Moncrossen, with protruding eyes of china blue, which stared weakly from beneath heavy, straw-colored eyebrows.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Protruding | Protruding Sentence

  • Seventeenth week, protruding tip of tongue (284).
  • I raised my eyes and presently distinguished her round protruding mouth.

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