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  • He was prouder of his daughter than of his self-made rank or his revered million.
  • And Susie carried it, prouder and happier than any of the men that marched to the music.
  • There is among them one, the priest Nicolas, prouder than a peacock and fiercer than a tiger.
  • There was no prouder lad in England that day, although, truth to tell, he was not quite happy.
  • Personally, I feel prouder of my blue lapelette than of anything else I possess in the world.
  • When called away from sorrowing woman folk A prouder task with brothers twain I plied.
  • Wise ones are prouder of the title M.S.M.A. than of all their other honors put together.
  • I was prouder of this greeting than of all my growing associations with well-known literary figures.
  • His father's name will carry him farther with the best, and he should be prouder of it.
  • We no longer entertain the notion that a separate and a prouder race of wild men than we know erected these tumuli.
  • He knew it sprang straight from the heart, and was prouder to have won so lasting a place in their regard than he would have been to take a city.
  • Not far from her slept the kind, loving father, who was prouder and fonder of her than of any one on earth.
  • I really should feel prouder of my sex if they would only be kind enough to assert that men are not beings inferior to monkeys and birds.
  • It was a proud day for me, you may be sure, when the roof was started, and a still prouder when it was completed.
  • And I became prouder still when I sold a story in two parts to a New York Sunday paper ...
  • She meant to give Truedale every legitimate assistance, but she was never prouder or firmer in her life.
  • I went gaily along, getting prouder and prouder, for he had never left the boat in my sole charge such a length of time before.
  • What joy to see her come back again, bringing twice as much as was intrusted to her, returning so much prouder and richer than she went away!
  • The old man approached, and grasping his hand exultingly, called him his son, and said he felt prouder of him than if he were a prince.
  • As the Romans grew prouder and more fond of pleasure, no one could hope to please them who did not give them sports and entertainments.
  • The Adjutant also learned more cordiality, and adjutants are sometimes prouder of making others feel their authority than commandants are.
  • And when the baby could run to meet him, and sit upon his great strong neck, there was no prouder elephant in all the land of India.
  • Stretching luxuriously to the stars, All prouder pronouns than the dawn, and all The thunder of the trumpets of the noun!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Prouder | Prouder Sentence

  • Which is the prouder of the two?
  • But we are prouder than your people.
  • Mardonius was never prouder of his host than in that hour.
  • Each day he was prouder and fonder of the boy.
  • Neither man nor army could have a prouder memorial.
  • That was fine of you and makes me all the prouder to have your friendship.
  • She was prouder of his friendship than of anything that had yet come to her.
  • He seemed to get prouder and prouder over each item of his own deficiency.
  • By that time a prouder and more fastidious man than he is shall be my slave.
  • Not a bit; she won't be any prouder than the others.
  • There was not a prouder man than he in the whole of Christendom.
  • Yet without vanity I am become still prouder and more contemptuous.
  • The longer this queer little braid is, the prouder the Chinaman feels.
  • My uniform will possibly derive a prouder lustre; but I wear it so seldom!
  • Fastidious girl, and prouder than the proud Montignys, listen to me, listen.
  • The more I read those letters over at the hospital, the prouder I became.
  • And now, prouder than any queen, she was attending the Lincoln School.

Definition of Prouder

comparative form of proud: more proud
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