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  • I have no daughter to provide for now!
  • It will be well to provide against eventualities.
  • A few turns more would provide the additional thirty ohms.
  • So I provide performance.
  • Nor need you to provide a sanctuary, Or intercessor.
  • So you think I provide bread and jam for you, indeed!
  • So the Inns do not provide the Indian with society.
  • Here in quiet to care for the farm and provide for the household.
  • Such a commission scares me not; I can provide such treasures, it is true.
  • If the United States tried to provide troops, the British would starve.
  • If you are short of funds I will provide them--come!
  • You, perhaps, don't care, So you provide for him, what comes of me.

How To Use Provide In A Sentence?

  • It was the business of these miscreants to provide victims for the lash by any means.
  • It has been observed that the elephants should have more parias or men who provide their food.
  • Besides your laity, you have the succession of about four thousand clergymen to provide for.
  • Subsequent differential erosion produced relief sufficient to provide a different habitat.
  • Surely three weeks is a short enough time in which to provide oneself with a future and a husband!
  • However, as the manager was in honor bound to provide for me, he kept his word.
  • Western New York, let him provide himself with angle-worms, and row to the head of the lake.
  • She believed that to any man who would provide these few essentials she could be a faithful and a loyal wife.
  • Woelfert had neglected to provide against contact of the gas escaping from the envelope with the heated fumes from the engine.
  • Channels formed at right angles to the cultivation ridges provide for the access of water to the crop.
  • Her prejudice against work of any kind did not lessen her displeasure with everybody who did not provide her with work of some kind to do.
  • Does this provide a key with which to unlock the hidden intentions of our strange treasure-trove of miscellaneous allusions?
  • It is a perfectly easy matter to provide fish and the only difficulty lies in conveying it into the towns and villages.
  • To provide company for the maid a few more houses had to be built, and people invited to live in them.
  • The principal investment necessary to provide facilities for telephone service is that required to produce the telephone line.
  • All we can do, and that human wisdom can do, is to provide that the change shall proceed by insensible degrees.
  • The person or entity that provided you with the defective work may elect to provide a replacement copy in lieu of a refund.
  • The person or entity that provided you with the defective work may elect to provide a replacement copy in lieu of a refund.
  • The essence of the raising-cloth is a weft that will provide plenty of nap and yet have sufficient fibre to maintain the strength of the web.
  • When we are to provide for the education of any body of men, we ought seriously to consider the particular functions they are to perform in life.
  • They could thus have a good public improvement in the centre of the city, and at the same time provide for the postal requirements.
  • Grant was now thirty-two years of age; he had a wife and two children, and it was necessary for him to provide for their support.
  • What the deuce are we Prussian noblemen for, if the state doesn't provide for us?
  • The only thing they did provide him with was a well-fed and sound body; in other respects Archibald was positively new.
  • An accepted story can unify an otherwise diverse population, provide widespread support for a single regime and reassure people in times of stress.
  • It makes very good lime, and the forests in the neighbourhood provide the fuel, and the lime can then be brought to Manaar in pontons and tonys.
  • We can capture this town, ration our men, provide them with shoes, clothing, and muskets, and have a formidable army right here at once.
  • Hilltop rock outcrops on the area provide excellent protection for the cottontail especially from low temperatures and freezing rain or blowing snow.

Definition of Provide

To make a living; earn money for necessities. | To act to prepare for something. | To establish as a previous condition; to stipulate.
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