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  • It provides food for man and beast.
  • The hostess provides one of these for each guest.
  • It means that the dynamo provides its own magnetism.
  • The State provides me with that.
  • This fact provides a key to much of Vergil.
  • The constitution of that state provides (Art.
  • A relay is in series with the line and provides a large range of sensibility.
  • Every house of any pretentions provides a servants' hall.
  • The latter is preferable, as it provides for a more free and uniform escape.
  • In fact, nature herself sometimes, in inspiring the wish, provides the remedy.
  • The Lithuanian Woman's Alliance provides insurance for 35 cents a month.

How To Use Provides In A Sentence?

  • For those to whom it is accessible it provides a type of entertainment which they really enjoy.
  • It provides a shelter for the individual and for the family, no matter what may happen.
  • The arrival at Gorontalo in the radiant dawn provides a more interesting experience.
  • The State provides both an education in virtue and the necessary opportunities for its exercise.
  • This Act provides for co-operative effort between the Federal government and the states.
  • C is a short screw which provides journal bearing for the screw, A, by a plain hole.
  • An interlude between his wife and a friend provides a brief diversion before the macabre ending.
  • Oddly enough, the law provides that when it is necessary to arrest the sheriff the duty falls to the coroner.
  • The constitution provides that the three principal officers and the last two retiring presidents be the executive committee.
  • In the family that plans for recreation and provides facilities and time for young people to play the problem is a minor one.
  • It provides a means of entering programs which neither rely on read-in programs in memory nor require a plug board.
  • The division of the loan conforms to my recommendation in the report, and it provides that the interest may be made payable abroad.
  • Although conducted under denominational auspices, its charter provides that no particular religious faith shall be required of students.
  • Each cut-out provides for two branch circuits; and each branch contains receptacles for two plug fuses.
  • The library substitutes better for poorer reading, and provides story hours for the children who are eager to hear before they are able to read.
  • The usual so-called flat-compounded dynamo, turned out by manufacturers, provides for constant voltage at the switchboard.
  • Nature provides that the milk for young animals is supplied in finely divided streams, so that coagulation takes place in the best possible way.
  • Nature requires and provides that the tender frame should be nourished with food, air, warmth and light, sleep and exercise.
  • Fort de Kock provides all the necessaries of life, and the broad military roads of the vicinity simplify exploration.
  • The openings can be screened by a narrow sloping lean-to, which serves to keep out rain, and provides shelter for the stock of fuel and the coolie.
  • The wild pink provides food for the bee, the lily serves as a drinking-cup for the birds, the large dandelion is the see-saw of the butterflies.
  • Dunstan(8) reported that pecan provides a perfectly satisfactory rootstock for shagbark, shagbark hybrid, and hican varieties.
  • It is installed out of sight between the walls, and provides suitable outlets for lamps, etc., by means of metal boxes set flush with the plaster.
  • It does not realize the great hopes born of the war, but it provides the only method and instrument by which in the course of time those hopes can be realized.
  • The same natural law which enables primary and secondary batteries to be useful provides a hazard which menaces telephone-cable sheaths and other conductors.
  • Here is a beautiful illustration of how nature provides for the necessities of the smallest things, and how when the necessity that demanded a certain condition passes by the condition passes with it.
  • Nor is it peculiar to this race that religion does not address the individual as such, but only as a member of his tribe, and that it provides small comfort for private sorrows or longings.
  • It upholds the idea of national honor in its ancient forms as related to private honor; it provides the great number of diplomatic and decorative officers.
  • A law has recently been passed which provides for the creation of permanent art commissions in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Definition of Provides

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of provide
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