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  • Each of the provinces was ruled over by a duke.
  • The forces in the provinces subdued the inhabitants.
  • The provinces are reenforced at the proper time.
  • Whole provinces were begging for spiritual aid.
  • In this the chief importance of the stolen provinces lay.
  • To corrupt officials the provinces were gold mines.
  • Indeed, these provinces afford a singular spectacle.
  • The eastern provinces of the order were, 1.
  • The two provinces were soon on the eve of a little war.
  • The Provinces had been united.
  • Abounds in the provinces of central Luzon.
  • The biotic provinces of Mexico.
  • She had conquered the provinces of France.
  • One of the old provinces in southeast France.
  • The Provinces did not work well together.
  • But her liberality to her Italian provinces never failed.
  • This was one of the last provinces to yield to Dutch rule.
  • In Europe provinces would live upon what towns waste here.
  • La Laguna and other provinces of Luzon.
  • London and the Provinces Compared, 316.
  • The loss of her North American provinces turned the scale.
  • One of the provinces in Austria-Hungary, 1 Croatians.
  • She that was a princess among the provinces is become tributary!
  • Can the provinces of induction and deduction be kept separate?
  • The reorganisation of the southern provinces proceeded very slowly.
  • In the other provinces their houses and churches were levelled to the ground.
  • Most of the provinces have little to show for this expenditure of money.
  • In all the provinces there are stirrings of a new national spirit.
  • In the provinces this detestation of the republic sometimes becomes ludicrous.
  • Then even in the provinces such rulings work as swiftly as at court!
  • It is scant acknowledgment of the provinces to be sure, but what would you?
  • The olive-tree is cultivated chiefly in the southern provinces of the coast.

How To Use Provinces In A Sentence?

  • Both in their own provinces and in the country at large they play a most important part.
  • Have we not aided and abetted one of her provinces in insurrection against her for that cause?
  • All had been despatched to the provinces on business connected with quelling the disturbances.
  • A story of this kind is aggravated in the provinces by the way in which it is told.
  • Intendants were sent out to govern provinces and diminish the local influence of the landlords.
  • It was his object to create a high idea of the riches of the provinces which he had discovered.
  • Sweden was originally a confederation of provinces united solely for purposes of defence.
  • During this time the provinces appear to come out more and more as parts of one whole.

Definition of Provinces

plural of province | The part of a country outside of the capital, major cities, etc., and regarded as being rustic or parochial; a hinterland. See provincial.
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