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  • You take me for a silly provincial wench.
  • This is one of the natural results of a provincial life.
  • Now the second provincial Chapter is held.
  • For Nasik is no ordinary provincial town of India.
  • The Smoke-room of a Provincial Hotel.
  • The ladies of Nantucket have never been provincial in their fashions.
  • Many a saint in a small provincial town is a devil of a dog in the Metropolis.
  • Did any provincial woman ever yet find her sea-legs in Paris?

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  • And indeed there is no provincial life richer in material if only one knew how to get at it.
  • Those who before were content with the provincial towns now build houses in Tehran.
  • They were in three divisions, the regulars in the centre, the provincial troops on either flank.
  • But in the country there is but one kind of woman, and she, poor thing, is the provincial woman.
  • What had I to do with them, this elegant dust, these moulds of provincial fashion?
  • But Mr. Rhodes found that in that provincial field there were some things stronger than shekels.
  • It would have been characteristic of these kindly provincial innkeepers to have done just that thing.
  • Herkimer was a citizen noted for his integrity and had been made a brigadier-general in the provincial army.
  • The rustic beauty of the hamlet has been copiously eulogized by antiquarians and provincial historians.
  • It's only in the capital that you find bon-ton and not a lot of provincial lubbers.
  • Baudraye's drawing-room a sort of oasis where there was a truce to provincial life.
  • The rapidly growing republicanism of the provincial and proprietary governments was ignored and allowed to develop unchecked.
  • Equally delusive are the prospects held out that the new system of cheap provincial justice will be a change unconditionally for the better.
  • The loss of self-government had opened to them perforce a field far wider than the narrow confines of a provincial citizenship.
  • The gypsies bore the pressure with the serene equanimity of cosmopolite superiority, smiling at provincial rawness.
  • The colonies had again been partially stripped of their defenders, and five hundred provincial rangers accompanied the regulars.
  • You will have temporary rank as captain given you, in order to place your corps on an equal footing with the provincial corps of scouts.
  • Nothing makes provincial folks so angry as the notion of having been a laughing-stock for Paris folks.
  • The faintly pungent odour of moss rose to his nostrils, as in some deep, undiscovered retreat in a provincial preserve.
  • As she had no standard of comparison, Dinah fell into the snares that surround the provincial woman.
  • And she strove to make him happy, to give him the sense of a sheltered home by dint of such economy and method as are familiar to provincial folks.
  • A provincial coquette, still this side of middle age, educated on novels and albums and on fussing with household affairs and servants.
  • In the event of the provincial scouts making any concerted movement against a French post, you would be authorized to join them.
  • Of the provincial soldiers he said that, in the morning they fought like boys, about noon like men, and in the afternoon like devils.
  • After the provincial taxation, there are local charges, which may possibly add a further 2 or 3 per cent, to the total amount.
  • He was elected provincial for the second time, in the year one thousand six hundred and thirty-two, and definitor in the chapter of thirty-five.
  • All the provincial officers, even the great-priors, were subject to the visitors, as the representatives of the Master.
  • John Kemble said, that the worst provincial company of actors would go through a play better than the best amateur company.
  • Further, Parliament had regulated provincial coinage and money, had set up a postal service, and established rates.
  • The names that blazon our provincial scroll Ring round the world with Britain's drumbeat roll!
  • It is pleasing to look back to the time, little more than one hundred years ago, when Bristol was the premier provincial post town.
  • A partially insane man to believe himself the Provincial Governor or other great official of Massachusetts.

Definition of Provincial

Of or pertaining to a province. | Constituting a province. | Exhibiting the ways or manners of a province; characteristic of the inhabitants of a province.
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