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  • Nay, but provoke them not.
  • Others of the same class provoke our curiosity.
  • Shall the sharp spur provoke my side?
  • To sing one is to provoke one.
  • He should neither give nor provoke insult.
  • To prosecute would be to provoke another riot.
  • He knew how to provoke quarrels and to gain advantages.
  • Their deeds are fit to provoke emulation or national pride.
  • It would provoke the devil in men who were not wholly bad.
  • What can I have done to provoke his ire?
  • And that is what it may come to if you provoke Gerald.
  • I was furious, mad, keen to provoke him to an outburst.
  • Do not provoke me to send a bullet through your head for reminding me of it.
  • To go in would provoke inquiry as to why he was not at the wedding.
  • To oppose his wishes or his schemes was to provoke unrelenting hostility.
  • Censure at this stage of the game would be sure to provoke mutiny.
  • If pictures no longer express feeling they may at least provoke it.
  • But if they will not do it willingly, I will provoke them to it.
  • She beat poor Fido; yet even this did not provoke me to speak.
  • A king or queen on the earth for whom I would do thee ill or provoke thy doom.
  • Ah, little rogue, so thou Think'st to provoke me!

How To Use Provoke In A Sentence?

  • The greatest wrong that you can put upon a man is to provoke him to let out his beast.
  • There seemed in the icy smile a very charm to wound vanity and provoke rage.
  • They talked, and by so doing hoped to enrage you, provoke you into foolish attack.
  • I have proposed it; she will not hear of it; to mention the subject is to provoke a scene.
  • No roving foot shall crush thee here, No busy hand provoke a tear.
  • John happened to provoke the antipathy of a lout in his form known as Lubber Sprott.
  • Hentzi was constantly a prey to the fear he might by some over zealous action provoke the wrath of the man he served.
  • Yet that quiet countryman may react in his narrow system not less when the modest changes in his surroundings provoke him.
  • Also, he had a curious desire to see these youngsters from the street who could provoke such loving anxiety from the hero upstairs.
  • Our enemies were jubilant, and signals were passed betwixt them and their friends, as if the time had come to provoke a row.
  • Doctors constantly warn their patients to refrain from irritating disputes, and to avoid men and things likely to provoke their anger.
  • Few, moreover, have in the same degree the versatility which enables her to provoke peals of laughter and move almost to tears.
  • His violins are light, and sonorous; his violoncellos provoke the virtuoso and enchant the ear almost as much as the eye.
  • A fatal duel, followed by another that was like to prove fatal, was an event sure to provoke newspaper notice.
  • When, then, some one may provoke thee to wrath, know that it is thine own conception which hath provoked thee.
  • To assist the McIntyres was to impoverish themselves, and provoke the undying enmity of their leader.
  • This subject will, no doubt, provoke controversy, and it is impossible to discuss it fully here, but delay may have serious consequences.
  • George whirled his stick and made a dash at the creature, but was restrained by Mab, who implored him not to provoke further quarrels.
  • Perhaps (I must own the truth) the wine had produced in me a wild disposition to take offence and provoke quarrel.

Definition of Provoke

(transitive) To cause someone to become annoyed or angry. | (transitive) To bring about a reaction. | (obsolete) To appeal.
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