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  • Burning deeds of prowess rioted in his brain.
  • For stay-at-home prowess he cared naught.
  • The prowess of Gumda caused him to deprecate his anger.
  • All doubt of his skill and prowess as a hunter had been removed.
  • Tom knew his wife's prowess by experience.
  • Till his new prowess fell to comrade's jeers.
  • In those times individual prowess often turned the fortune of a field.
  • His prowess at the Twirlers' was not a pleasant memory.
  • Faith in Fuller's prowess gave him confidence.
  • And in prowess in sports, so it is told, was he the best of all the Norsemen.

How To Use Prowess In A Sentence?

  • There was a time when individual prowess determined the issue of every difference.
  • The force of this motive of prowess must at some period of development have become very great.
  • Each of them was knighted before he was five-and-twenty years old, for prowess in the field.
  • She received it pleasantly, as a teacher listens to tales of prowess on the part of a pupil.
  • And now, as a reward for his prowess and daring, he was set to mind the day-herd.
  • Such a deed of prowess as was theirs may not, without serious hazard, be repeated twice.
  • No, sir, said the knight, I will not fight with such a knight of prowess as ye be.
  • The prowess and warlike daring of the Templars in the field are thus described by St. Bernard.
  • To him, King Alfred, as much as to thy prowess I truly believe the victory belongs.
  • The loyalty and the prowess of the good knight Pelistes had gained him the reverence even of his enemies.
  • He had come to get a job where he could be near the queen of his heart, and perhaps win her by some deed of prowess and daring.
  • But all of us, from father to son, liked better to tell of the daring of many than the prowess of one.
  • Now she recognized that there was a fine something, higher than shooting or prowess of any kind, which would command respect.
  • Now the lady in whose honour the lists were defended by these four brave brethren in arms sat beholding their prowess in the keenest anxiety.
  • Each warrior estimates nobly the prowess of the other, each sorrowfully recalls the memory of old friendships and expeditions made together.
  • Fighting was not at all to my taste, and I was not quite willing to risk my prowess against such an insane assailant.
  • Within less than a quarter-hour Drew could have laughed wryly at his past satisfaction in his prowess as a scout.
  • With eagerness sought Thorir to urge him on to make this journey, praising him and his prowess most exceedingly.
  • It will be the same with you who wonder, my sons, whatever your prowess may be in cricket, or scholarship, or football.
  • His prowess was celebrated by Pentaour, a contemporary poet, in an epic canto which has survived to our day.
  • He said to the Subuth islanders, that he had not brought them with him to fight, but to see the valour and military prowess of his men.
  • If he had been a true Persian, he would not have withdrawn from the person of the king, even to display his prowess in combat.
  • The dignity of man is reconquered by prowess for the Greek, as it is repurchased for the Christian by vicarious suffering.
  • He published the news through the camp, amidst the soldiers' acclamations, bidding them equal Dombrowski's prowess with their own.
  • Constantine became so famous through his prowess at tournaments that he attracted the attention of the emperor, who refused to believe that he was of low extraction.
  • He quickly took part in the wars of the time, showed his prowess in every encounter, and in the war against Navarre, won the highest honors.
  • This whole transaction gave us Americans the first suspicion that our exalted ideas of the prowess of British regulars had not been well founded.
  • Only that portion of the tribe which retired to the hills still maintains any semblance of their old prowess and even those groups are growing smaller year by year.
  • While yet from land o'er the deep wave he plough'd, And tow'rds the shore with manly prowess row'd.
  • There were cries for Hermippus, cries even for Glaucon, as if prowess in the pentathlon gave ability to unravel oracles.

Definition of Prowess

(uncountable) Skillfulness and manual ability; adroitness or dexterity. | (uncountable) Distinguished bravery or courage, especially in battle; heroism. | (countable) An act of prowess.
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