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  • She had no prudery in her nature; and she had not been sufficiently in society to acquire it.
  • Her humour was created to swim on waters where a prescribed and cultivated prudery should pretend to be drowning.
  • There is a prudery which is not proper reticence that is cultivated by some people who happen incidentally to be religiously inclined.
  • On the contrary, it is the Victorian prudery and silence which is new still, though it is already dying.
  • Civil statistics of these diseases mean very little, especially in English-speaking countries, because of our prudery with regard to them.
  • Marrying tew suit other folks iz the prudery ov politeness; i should az soon think ov begging pardon ov a thorn, for running aginst it.
  • All this is sheer prudery and when applied to sex matters represents really a neurosis of excessive precaution and inhibition with regard to some of the most natural things in the world.
  • The history of the "age of legal consent" has an importance which through prudery and a wilful ignorance of facts the public has never fully realised.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Prudery | Prudery Sentence

  • In this reticence was no prudery and no effort.
  • There is a difference between prudery and modesty.
  • For twenty-five yeas your prudery has annoyed me.
  • Love generally changes coquettry to sense, and prudery to sillyness.

Definition of Prudery

(uncountable) The condition of being prudish; prudishness | (countable) Prudish behaviour
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