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  • Now arrange the stuffed prunes upon crisp lettuce leaves and sprinkle with lemon juice.
  • Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, and mix this with the mashed prunes when quite cold.
  • The prunes should be soaked over night in enough water to cover; cook in same water till soft.
  • Place the prunes in a little pie-dish, pour the batter over, and bake until a nice brown.
  • Wash the prunes, remove the stones, and soak the prunes in 1/2 pint of water over night.
  • He prunes our desires and ambitions; He humbles us and makes us meek and acquiescent.
  • The "German hausfrau" usually serves stewed prunes or raisins with a dish of noodles or macaroni.
  • Soak the prunes over night, stew and stone and slightly chop them and proceed as in the other puddings.
  • The fruits allowed are all the seasonable ones, or dried prunes if there is a tendency to constipation.
  • Cook slowly until the prunes are tender and then drain the syrup and boil ten minutes before pouring over the prunes.
  • The prunes could be cooked and whipped with powdered milk to make a topping for our attempts at desserts.
  • They like it so much and do not care for anything else; for a change they have stewed prunes and bread.
  • When the bread is ready to go into the pans add the prunes and knead the dough well to distribute the prunes.
  • Didn't you ever have prunes and skimmed milk before, thousands and thousands of times?
  • Rice, haricot beans and prunes are very plentiful, and they form some of the chief articles of diet.
  • Now spread a layer of finely chopped nuts and then a layer of well-drained and cooked prunes that have been chopped fine.
  • The guests showed their disappointment plainly, some confessing that they had slighted the evening prunes and rice in anticipation of this treat.
  • During the hike we could chew dried prunes at any time, but absolutely no water could we have until we reached camp.
  • Wash to thoroughly cleanse one-half pound of prunes and then stone and with a pair of scissors cut into small pieces the size of a raisin.
  • Then drain them, and extract the stones; spread the prunes on a large dish, and dredge them with flour.
  • The plate, bountifully helped, returned from hand to hand down the table, laden with prunes and maledictions.
  • Pour a few spoonfuls of the gelatine mixture over the prunes and set them in place before pouring in the remainder of the mixture; then set aside to mould.
  • The salad was prunes stuffed with peanuts in hearts of lettuce, served with French dressing and Dutch cheese balls.
  • Prepare a prune puree as above and to the same quantity have a third of a box of gelatine soaked in a little of the water the prunes were cooked in, and dissolved over the teakettle.
  • See the silence rest in black and suffer all the spoons to wander, allow the more to see it with the glass and bestow more actual prunes than stay together.
  • Dave promptly nailed the covers on the boxes of prunes and apricots and leaned innocently against the cracker box to await results, thinking hard all the while.
  • To many, that may condemn instead of recommending it: and they will have as much to say for their own tastes if they rejoin that prunes and biscuits are sweet.
  • No longer do the ortolans and caviare of unregenerate bachelorhood tempt you; rather do you yearn for ground rice and stewed prunes in the third floor back.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Prunes | Prunes Sentence

  • Clearly she was not all prunes and prisms.
  • Cook twelve large prunes until soft.
  • Now stone sufficient prunes to measure one cup.
  • The prunes are boiling soft (softly).
  • Wash the prunes thoroughly and then drain and turn on a cloth to dry.
  • Dried prunes are beneficial for the general health as well as the throat.
  • One time a truck load of prunes tipped over and there were prunes everywhere.
  • Voila des prunes toutes fraichement cueillies et des noisettes.
  • Then add the prunes one at a time, stirring the whole very hard.
  • Heap the prunes on a glass dish and pour the custard round, and serve.
  • Remove pits from prunes, cut pears and prunes in small pieces; stand aside.
  • Ese prunes er purty good," he mumbled, in grave congratulation.

Definition of Prunes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of prune | plural of prune
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