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  • For the psychologist there is no hope of finding such necessity in the mental processes.
  • They are by no means a contemptible study either for the psychologist or the ethnographer.
  • The psychologist prefers vision and it would display none to believe that she did it.
  • The psychologist and the psychiatrist both find it difficult to do much to help such a person.
  • A psychologist has no right to expect that the national temper of the future will be different.
  • Of all this mass of materials the psychologist proper can directly make only a sparing use.
  • His best texts will long constitute a thesaurus which every psychologist must know.
  • The psychologist took the small mouthpiece from his lips, and motioned Wardrop to do the same.
  • Thus the German psychologist F. Brentano holds that no real distinction can be made.
  • He wondered why it was so important that the psychologist interrupt him while he was relaxing after strenuous exercise.
  • The psychologist will have observed that these qualities are not seldom combined in a certain order of minds.
  • He had an attractive personality and a philosophical temperament, but was more a psychologist than a lawyer.
  • But such is now so far the case that the psychologist of this type pursues his way quite independently of philosophy.
  • A chance letter of the type which often swells the mail of the psychologist may illustrate this effect.
  • It would be an absorbing task for a psychologist to trace the various stages by which an impossibility was changed into a reality.
  • The skilled psychologist will quickly take such a change as a cue for the selection of the later words in his series.
  • Our evidence for these faculties and experiences, then, is usually of the class on which the psychologist relies.
  • How are these objects of the psychologist different from the objects of the physicist, from the pebbles on the way and the stars in the sky?
  • Perhaps a subtle psychologist would have found some flaws in this armor of integrity, which was sanctimoniously satisfied with itself.
  • The psychologist would say that it was always the same story, the influence of suggestion on the imagination of those who suffer.
  • This attitude, however wrong from the standpoint of the logician, seems to the psychologist natural.
  • Our self and the actions of our self are thus alike for the psychologist mere phenomena, mere objects which are perceived.
  • If we pass from this primary attitude to the attitude of the scientific psychologist we gain, as we saw, an artificial perspective.
  • Let us examine one or two of the cases which would lead so distinguished a psychologist to give a certain degree of credence to this belief.
  • A bishop may be a modernist, a chemist may be a mystical theologian, a psychologist may be a believer in ghosts.
  • A philosopher he was not; a theologian, in the great sense, he was not; a metaphysician he was not; a psychologist he was not.
  • The psychologist who attempted to analyse the condition of mind in which Tarling found himself would be faced with a difficult task.
  • It was mass-suggestion, as a Berlin psychologist would describe it, all-hypnotizing in its effects.
  • It was not until he was a man and had accidentally come in contact with a psychologist who analyzed the thing down to facts for him that he was cured.
  • We must carefully inquire how the modern psychologist looks on mental life and how the inner experiences appear from such a psychological standpoint.
  • But the psychologist has good reason to discriminate between those actions which result from the normal psychophysical factors and such actions as result from broken machinery.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Psychologist | Psychologist Sentence

  • The psychologist smiled broadly.
  • But the philosophical psychologist is not a novelist.
  • But after all the psychologist has no less a right to speak of freedom.
  • What does the scientific psychologist really mean by consciousness?
  • The point of view of the psychologist is altogether different.
  • Thus for the psychologist the mental world is a system of mental objects.
  • The psychologist classes habitual movements as either automatic or controlled.
  • The psychologist was smiling and rubbing his long, bony hands together.
  • The psychologist tends to see in war a reversion, a lapse to barbarism.

Definition of Psychologist

An expert in the field of psychology.
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