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  • Rough, pubescent herbs.
  • Calyx fleshy, soft pubescent internally, bell-shaped, in 5 parts.

How To Use Pubescent In A Sentence?

  • Shrubby; a foot or two high; branching freely; glandular pubescent throughout; fragrant.
  • Stamens 8, free, short, alternating with 8 petaloid, conical, pubescent staminodia.
  • In all cases the bud scales were observed to be pubescent though the degree of pubescence varied considerably in the outer scales only.
  • Their new bodies were impossibly young, pubescent and hormonal and doleful and kitted out in the latest trendy styles.
  • The male flower has a corolla of 5-7 petals, violet-colored, concave, half oval, with pubescent borders; at its base a flat scale.

Definition of Pubescent

At or just after the age of puberty. | (botany, zoology) Covered with down or fine hairs. | An individual who is going through puberty.
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