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How To Use Public Interest In A Sentence?

  • There was then no public interest in the currency and only a little in the tariff.
  • It is not in the public interest that the papers should become the possession of the public.
  • Moral considerations were reinforced by an additional concern for the public interest.
  • Suppose it is conceived to be for the public interest that a certain railway shall be built.
  • All this assisted to raise the public interest and anxiety to the highest point.
  • These gentlemen amuse themselves by stealing articles of great value or of public interest.
  • She had extraordinary executive ability, directed to all matters of public interest.
  • If the feat were repeated, not a fraction of public interest would be directed to it.
  • And he spent a couple of days turning out an article which aroused great public interest.
  • There have, however, been a few which aroused public interest and even deep feeling.
  • This, of course, was just as good as being killed from the point of view of public interest.
  • In fact, the openness aversion sometimes obscures self-interest as well as the public interest.
  • The trial, which excited public interest at the time, took place shortly afterward.
  • He and I many times served together on committees that had to do with matters of public interest.
  • Politics, planning, and the public interest; the case of public housing in Chicago.
  • They ignored Dan Anderson, their long-time leader in all matters of public interest!
  • This tendency is in the public interest, for it is in the direction of more satisfactory responsibility.
  • Legal compulsion is only admissible to maintain rights which have been threatened or to secure an overwhelming public interest.
  • Those firms were presumed to be the proxy for the public interest when it came to intellectual property policy.
  • The press is a great and peccant engine; and who has public interest more at heart than your editor?
  • The court itself was crowded, for a case which had excited public interest was coming to a conclusion.
  • Through public interest had been aroused in the telephone, it was still very far from being at the service of the nation.
  • Such literary encounters did not fail to stimulate public interest in both reviews and to add materially to their circulation.
  • A brilliant prosecution in a matter of vital public interest can make the career of a prosecuting attorney.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Public Interest | Public Interest Sentence

  • Public interest was now thoroughly aroused.
  • They have no restraining notion of public interest.
  • The former speech was wholly of public interest.
  • All men prefer a private to a public interest.
  • It suggested prosperity and aroused public interest.
  • As time went on, his operas lost public interest.
  • Public Interest in the Speaker.
  • Thus science progresses and the public interest is subserved.
  • It is not an intervention of public interest that is usually welcomed.
  • The public interest is not very large in the retention of such persons.
  • Does the public interest require that men make this sacrifice?
  • She had not realized that it would be a ceremony of public interest like this.
  • In the public interest this is a good method of dealing with photographs.
  • The sermon has excited a public interest beyond any thought of mine.
  • After the victory the public interest was no longer centred in the Soudan.
  • Assisted by a number of public interest legal groups, JibJab claimed fair use.
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