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  • Surprisingly good for this publisher of rubbish.
  • Why should he not be a publisher as well as a printer?
  • Birchall, music publisher in London.
  • Probst, music publisher in Leipzig.
  • Schott, music publisher in Mayence.
  • Zulehner, music publisher at Mayence.
  • Artaria, print and music publisher in Vienna.
  • Haslinger, Tobias, music publisher at Vienna.
  • Diabelli, Anton, composer and music publisher in Vienna.
  • Schlesinger, Moritz, music publisher in Berlin and Paris.
  • Return proofs to your printer or publisher as promptly as possible.
  • During the days that followed, the publisher made a slow but steady recovery.
  • Andre, composer and music publisher in Offenbach on the Maine.
  • This was John Nichols (1745-1826), the publisher and antiquary.
  • EMMA GOLDMAN, Publisher 10c.
  • Steiner, S.A., music publisher in Vienna, succeeded by T. Haslinger.

How To Use Publisher In A Sentence?

  • Aitken the publisher had great difficulty in getting him to fulfil his agreement.
  • Between the city of publication and the name of the publisher in literary references.
  • When she tried to make the publisher take it he complained that he no longer was an invalid.
  • She well knew what it was, as she had a letter from the publisher that morning.
  • The publisher waded through a shrunken snowdrift to a side door of the building.
  • How much is it reasonable to suppose that a publisher may have given for the copyright?
  • Once she had secured the promise of a real publisher that he would take it she was radiant.
  • On the Revolution he became a publisher of an infamous newspaper, which he still continues.
  • I own that Clare's publisher interested me very much more than Martha's policeman.
  • She wanted to find the address of the publisher who had expressed his appreciation of her writing in so substantial a manner.
  • I had also to find a publisher who would understand the wants of the public and of the critics in such a matter.
  • No reports on either of these, but in view of the publisher they are probably evening wasters at best.
  • The publisher became so alarmed at this advertisement of the piety of the book that he succeeded in suppressing it in the first edition.
  • Although the publisher had been absolved of all blame, police had not succeeded in tracing the hit-skip driver.
  • It was a minute or two before the astonished publisher could gather his wits together sufficiently to protest and bargain.
  • The publisher managed to find another scribe who finished the task creditably without purchasing so much as a sheet of paper.
  • The publisher paused with his pen in his hand, and seemed waiting in mute suspense to know what was to be announced by so singular an apparition.
  • If, however, the author or publisher is willing to present both, it is not for the user of the book to complain.
  • I sallied forth into the street, but no clerk was sent after me, nor did the publisher call after me from the drawing-room window.
  • It was the publisher of a chain of magazines for one of which Trent used to write when engaged in the manufacture of light fiction.
  • She hated the publisher or the newspaper editor who refused Lousteau money on the ground of the enormous advances he had had already.
  • There is no moral depth below that occupied by the writer or publisher of obscene books, that stain with lust, the loving heart of youth.
  • He was, as usual, very short of money when this work was finished, and tried to sell it to a second-class publisher for twenty-five pounds.
  • My publisher wishes me to say a few words about the genesis of the work, a revised and enlarged edition of which he is herewith laying before the public.

Definition of Publisher

One who publishes, especially books.
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