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  • Why, then, had publishers bought them?
  • By permission of the publishers and Eden Phillpotts.
  • By permission of the publishers and Nelson Lloyd.
  • By permission of the publishers and Brander Matthews.
  • By permission of the publishers and John Kendrick Bangs.
  • The bookseller can obtain it from the publishers on this condition.
  • The publishers are directed to send you the volumes on their publication.
  • In case the wrapper is lost write to the publishers for a complete catalog.
  • Two American publishers announced their intention of reprinting it.
  • But in case you do mislay it, write to the Publishers for a complete catalog.
  • Most of the publishers had absolutely refused to look at his MSS.
  • Breitkopf & Haertel, the well-known book and music publishers in Leipzig.
  • Harper & Row, Publishers (PWH); 10Feb69; R466765.
  • He was courteous--most Bostonians and many publishers are.

How To Use Publishers In A Sentence?

  • Charlotte had conducted the negotiations with the publishers in a very business-like way.
  • Many publishers do not print at all, but have their work done at some printing establishment.
  • Of late years, publishers have often given the length and width of their books in inches.
  • Prosecutions were ordered against the publishers and vendors, and there, I suppose, it will end.
  • I then went abroad, and on learning that the publishers alluded to declined the MS.
  • Thanks are due the several publishers who have helped to inaugurate this new department of our work.
  • I was sure that instantly all of the publishers in the world would contend with each other for the privilege of bringing out my books.
  • But this extravagant folly of publishers has in a great measure cured itself, and the grievance has ceased.
  • Our publishers don't have a lot of promotional budget to throw at unknown factors like us.
  • It will continue to be the aim of the publishers to render the contents of the new volume more attractive and useful than any of its predecessors.
  • A brief sketch of the development of the newspaper, and some notes on publishers who have especially contributed to printing.
  • Neither illustrated papers, periodicals: neither editors nor publishers would have anything to do with them.
  • A list of all obtainable addresses of the publishers of hardcover books mentioned in the Checklist.
  • Her stately figure and saintlike face became familiar at the doors of all the editors and publishers in Philadelphia.
  • My sister, my little sister Clare, engaged to be married, and to a partner in a firm of publishers of all people!
  • One can quite easily understand how the gluttony of many publishers for anecdotes has driven writers with a respect for their intellect into revolt.
  • I have to thank the Publishers and Editors of those Reviews for their courtesy in permitting me to reprint them.
  • He had sometime since turned his attention to prose but the manuscripts of such stories as he had offered the publishers had come back to him with unflattering promptness.
  • The Council of Trent ordered all Catholic publishers to see to it that their editions have the approval of the respective bishop.
  • It is far from the thoughts of the publishers or the author of this book to provide a work merely for entertainment; it is hoped the title will not mislead so as to suggest this idea.
  • She said at first it was impossible, but repeated requests from her publishers brought from her the announcement that the only long story she could write would be about her own family.
  • The publishers are grateful to the estate of Miss Jennie Hall and to her many friends for assistance in planning the publication of this book.
  • It must have been when the sisters became aware that publishers would not accept the poetry of unknown writers on any other terms, that they turned their thoughts to prose composition.
  • As nine-tenths of the authors were ministers, and the publishers all deacons, the church had at that time what might be called a monopoly of the book trade.
  • The net profits thus determined are then to be divided equally, the publishers taking one half, and paying the other half to the board above mentioned.
  • His literary secretary with much patient ability assorted these papers, arranged them as he thought best, and sold them to the publishers at a royal price.

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plural of publisher
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