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  • His pillow was a puddle of water.
  • What is that puddle on the floor beneath you?
  • She saw the dirty puddle in the street.
  • On a rug, a puddle of sunlight had spilled.
  • He ran around, he ran abroad, Of every puddle drinking.
  • Tomobei rose from the mud puddle in which he lay face downward.
  • It loosened its claws and dropped with a splash into the puddle of water.
  • His vanity fairly leaks out of him and stands in a puddle at his feet.
  • Has he not made big puddle in massa's canoe?
  • But we could not follow, for we were losing the puddle of light behind us.
  • His foot splashed into a small puddle of water on the reeking, earthen floor.
  • Major Flint stepped in a puddle which cooled his foot but not his temper.
  • At this Kakunai almost melted into the icy puddle on the ground.
  • Rob Grimes was calling back: "Mind a puddle here!

How To Use Puddle In A Sentence?

  • The sweat pouring from the animal had made a regular puddle on the ground.
  • Soon he came to a puddle of muddy water which reached from one side of the street to the other.
  • It was climbing over the rail at the stern, and already beginning to make a puddle on the deck.
  • We could not speak from the constriction, till we found a little puddle under a stone.
  • He drinks from the puddle on the field, and cooks the rice straw for food in his helmet.
  • He stood thinking, drawing patterns on the table with his finger and a puddle of spilled water.
  • It opened easily, and I heard him splashing through a puddle in the gloomy yard.
  • But the little old Maintainer was a seething red-hot puddle filled with bubbles big as handballs.
  • About twenty tadpoles, swimming in a puddle of water, were taken by Lucien for fish.
  • Whenever I wake up at night with my feet in a puddle between the blankets, I think of the men.
  • My first step ashore was into a puddle and a fog, and I began to cough before we reached London.
  • By the time he got through with a partridge there was not much left of it but a puddle of brown feathers.
  • The water had stopped spurting out now, though there was quite a puddle of it on the cellar floor by the tubs.
  • The puddle is suddenly drained off into some law-ordained receptacle, and the white lily is swept away with it.
  • Jason found it on the hearth and lifted it up, still damp and stiff, from the puddle of water that lay under it.
  • Ride him up to a puddle of water two feet wide, and he'll give a snort and fall back on you.
  • He had never seen a sheet of water larger than a road-side puddle or than the stationary wash-tubs of his own laundry at home.
  • Oh, only for one wink from some one, would there be a puddle of red horseblood mixed with the human kind.
  • But if ye don't puddle the roots, the bush must be well watered and soaked when ye have dune.
  • Weymouth cut out a chunk of walrus-blubber, with which he basted it, the melted fat collecting in a little puddle at the bottom.
  • Some one has said that in looking at a puddle of water, you may see either the mud at the bottom or the sky reflected on its surface.
  • It was a conger eel, which managed to wriggle, half dead as it was, into a puddle of the brackish water.
  • It was almost dark, when one of my men came to inform me that he had found a small puddle of water, to which he had been led by a pigeon.
  • A plump, dark-blue pigeon flew into the road, and hurriedly went to drink in a puddle near the well.
  • If the puddle is made to boil by shovelling in hot stones, as described in the last paragraph, the stick will bend more easily.
  • Her surroundings helped to increase her misery, for the ground was a mixture of puddle and slush, and there seemed no chance of help anywhere.

Definition of Puddle

To form a puddle. | To play or splash in a puddle. | To process iron by means of puddling.
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