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  • I have said that the cast iron used as the material for puddling contains about 3 per cent.
  • We first remark two puddling halls, each of which contains 50 furnaces and 9 steam hammers.
  • The material operated on in puddling is iron containing from 21/2 to 4 per cent. of carbon.
  • The roasted ore is then melted in a small blast furnace or in an open one like a puddling furnace.
  • In the Wilson process the conditions which we have noted in the puddling operation are very closely approximated.
  • The iron obtained by puddling is not as yet in its definite state, but the rolling mill completes what the puddling hall does in the rough.
  • When, however, the claim is paying, and the diggings show signs of some permanency, a puddling machine is constructed.
  • The product of the blast furnace is cast iron; that of the puddling furnace is wrought iron; that of the Bessemer and open-hearth methods is steel.
  • These retorts are proportioned so that they will hold ore enough to run the puddling furnace 24 hours, the time required for perfect deoxidation.
  • The process of puddling consisted in stirring the molten iron run out in a puddle, and had the effect of so changing its atomic arrangement as to render the process of rolling it more efficacious.
  • No doubt can be entertained that the more freely burning varieties of anthracite will work well in the puddling furnace, as they have been successfully employed in the rolling and slitting of bar iron.
  • In the direct process under consideration the fuel burned is more completely utilized than in the puddling process, to which the cast iron from the blast furnace is subjected to convert it into wrought iron.
  • Iron ore reduced to a coarse sand is mixed with the proper proportion of charcoal or coke dust, and the mixture fed into upright retorts placed in the chimney of the puddling furnace.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Puddling | Puddling Sentence

  • The puddling was easily done.
  • The product of a puddling furnace is called wrought iron.

Definition of Puddling

present participle of puddle | The action of forming a puddle. | The process of working clay, loam, pulverized ore, etc., with water, to render it compact, or impervious to liquids.
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