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  • They are especially pugnacious when they have young.
  • He developed a pugnacious capacity for resenting advice.
  • Whether right or wrong the pugnacious one is dismissed.
  • Gideon Welles was a pugnacious man.
  • One of these was a burly fellow with a pugnacious face and a bold eye.
  • The grasping home makes the pugnacious disturber of the public peace.
  • They were subject to freaks of stupidity, and were pugnacious to a degree.
  • The drakes are quite pugnacious and fight one another badly at times.
  • Hell was supposed to be very hot, very red, full of pugnacious demons.
  • He went out of Onteora, that summer, in a blaze of pugnacious glory.

How To Use Pugnacious In A Sentence?

  • Some of them were so pugnacious and ravenous that they actually killed and devoured each other!
  • He started again to make an angry answer and then all pugnacious thoughts left him.
  • They are very characteristic birds, have strong family traits and pugnacious dispositions.
  • True to its pugnacious character, it brought nothing but turbulence and bloodshed upon the town.
  • He draws his figure up, for while not a pugnacious man, he knows how to defend himself.
  • They are fierce, pugnacious animals, and are said to be more than a match for a bear.
  • They are very characteristic birds, have strong family traits, and pugnacious dispositions.
  • In the early and more pugnacious days of the Saracen domination conflicts were frequent.
  • The air of Jerusalem's bad for him, and he's liable to get pugnacious if argued with.
  • But what is the condition under which the pugnacious instinct of the female is rendered susceptible to stimulation?
  • We must now consider some others in which each of the opponents acts as a stimulus to the pugnacious instinct of the other.
  • And while he had been so lively and pugnacious up on the hillside, now he splashed about in the lake quite helplessly.
  • He was an exceedingly amiable and generous man, although fiery and pugnacious when he deemed himself insulted.
  • Their pugnacious dispositions are well known, and they not only fight among themselves but are incessantly quarreling with their neighbors.
  • It was not that he was a meekly forgiving person, for he was, on the contrary, pugnacious in an unusual degree.
  • It is astonishing how pugnacious and fierce these birds become by careful training; the instinct must be in them or it could not be so developed.
  • Ganders, especially as they grow older and during the breeding season, are decidedly pugnacious and will not hesitate to attack human beings.
  • It was too horrible to contemplate, and in some fashion he must secure possession of his gun to end the career of that pugnacious old bull elk.
  • I greatly admired the fine, alert figure of the pugnacious little creature, as he perched there so close to me, and so fearless.
  • They are the most pugnacious of the Woodpeckers, and are often seen chasing one another or driving away some other bird.
  • Cano was a pugnacious character, always getting into scrapes, using his stiletto, and being obliged to shift his residence on short notice.
  • Curly was alleged to be of pugnacious disposition, and had not been bred to appreciation of the Golden Rule.
  • The attitude of pugnacious Pat, eager for the fight, but lance in rest, could not be permitted to endure.
  • He wore glasses upon a most pugnacious nose, and his large, round head was covered with short, bristly, jetty hair.
  • He is also a very pugnacious bird; that is he is very fond of fighting, I am sorry to tell you, but such is really the case.
  • Few birds are more pugnacious than the Moor-Hen, and the determined manner in which different individuals fight with one another is notorious.
  • They are one of the most pugnacious and courageous of birds attacking and driving away any feathered creature to which they take a dislike, regardless of size.
  • Unable to see the joke, I twisted off one of the legs of the little table and, thus armed, began to belabor the pugnacious brute.
  • His pugnacious spirit was however fully aroused, and he determined to exhaust every means before abandoning his endeavours to take the seat to which he was entitled.

Definition of Pugnacious

Naturally aggressive or hostile; combative; belligerent; bellicose.
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