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  • Only there was nothing to pull it.
  • We shall not stop to pull this scheme to pieces.
  • Jessie and I had risen at daylight to pull them.
  • Never mind, India will pull me through.
  • They did try to pull their guns, but I was too close.
  • Foote, Samuel, makes cows pull bell at Oxford, 306.
  • I'll pull myself together.
  • I'll pull through all right.
  • We'll pull up for a moment.
  • They made for me at once and tried to pull me into the boat.
  • People that pull on me usually pull and shoot at the same time.
  • I've half a mind to pull your nose for you.
  • You don't want to pull it yoreself, do you?
  • He's got too much money and pull fer you.
  • Curdken, seeing it shining in the sun, caught at it to pull some out.
  • So well that I wish we might always pull together in the same boat.
  • The strongest man on earth couldn't pull it away with his bare hands.

How To Use Pull In A Sentence?

  • Now that she must take up her pen once more, plainly it was time to pull stakes.
  • Lloyd watched the wall and the drapes covering it, pull back, into the corners.
  • Patricia watched the train pull out of the big smoky shed, with a real hope growing in her heart.
  • The sky-line began to pull at, and "play" her as if it had a hook in her very vitals.
  • If the Doctor would undertake to straighten out the complications he might yet pull through.
  • Love to Sheffelina, though I was always fit to pull her cap when I saw you petting her.
  • He came down so quick from the tree he had climbed that he had no time to pull his hat off the bough it had caught in.
  • When he could pull no more out he turned about and found that the monkey had taken the time to crack the chestnuts and eat them.
  • And he was so infernally insistent about it, that she was forced to pull up and get away from the post in self-defense.
  • I started up and undertook to pull in, but you might as well undertake to drag an elephant with a thread.
  • Then they pull it in, and no matter how hard the shark struggles and threshes about, it has to come.
  • The little fellow had begun to pull my whiskers with his slender fingers, which gave me great pleasure.
  • Some men tried to pull him off the stage but he kicked and swung his fists, and made a mark on their faces.
  • If this rhetoric did not immediately succeed, he would take the skirt of my coat between his teeth, and pull at it with all his force.
  • While they are discussing how this is to be done, he re-enters, saying that his conscience smote him as he was going to pull the trigger.
  • Then pull out your stick and you have a thick chunk or cylinder of bread, not quite so tough as a gun-barrel, but substantial!
  • She carried a sadly battered photograph of him in her pocket, and would pull it out at intervals when anybody was looking, and kiss it rapturously.
  • Not while I had the open prairie underfoot and the summer sky above, and hands to strike a blow or pull a trigger.
  • But we mustn't lose hide and hair in committing them, like the bear who put his head into the honey-tree and couldn't pull it out again.
  • As the roan felt the tremendous pull on his mouth and the whip-thongs stung his head and neck, he turned at a sharp angle, dragging his mate.
  • He could not swim at right angles to it and thus approach the shore directly, but must try gradually to pull to the left, in a long diagonal sweep.
  • Jersey seemed to promise both peace and solitude in which to pull herself together after the strain of the last few months in New York.
  • His new pal had one too, and he 'ad just taken a pull at it and wiped his mouth, when 'e noticed a little bill pinned up at the back of the bar.

Definition of Pull

(transitive, intransitive) To apply a force to (an object) so that it comes toward the person or thing applying the force. | To gather with the hand, or by drawing toward oneself; to pluck. | To attract or net; to pull in.
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