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  • The jointer helps also to pulverize the soil.
  • To pulverize Saltpetre.
  • A good plow should not only turn the soil but should pulverize it as well.
  • Take equal parts of cream of tartar and salt, pulverize it and mix it well.
  • Darkey" had sat up to pulverize the impertinent youth with some evil retort.

How To Use Pulverize In A Sentence?

  • These types vary in the depth to which they cut, and the degree to which they pulverize the soil.
  • They pulverize it with their metates, add boiling water and get a very fair clay.
  • Strain it off and add a piece of borax the size of an English walnut; pulverize the borax.
  • Dey would take dis and dry it, pulverize it and tie it in big quantities around their feet to keep off de trail of bloodhounds.
  • We ascertained the most suitable steel for the different structural parts, and found further that the effect of the explosion was nullified if we compelled it to pulverize coal in any considerable quantity.
  • Potatoes are in consequence very commonly planted in the fields, as a first crop, and are found to pulverize land just brought from a state of nature into cultivation more than other root.

Definition of Pulverize

(American spelling) Alternative spelling of pulverise

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