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How To Use Punctual In A Sentence?

  • Nor even at meals were we less punctual or less mindful of the comfort of others.
  • On arriving at the hotel, she found the sleigh waiting punctual to the time appointed.
  • He had a small party of guests that evening, and thus his punctual arrival was imperative.
  • I walked my half-hour out, and returned to the house in time to be punctual to the appointment.
  • The same dream returns to her periodically, annually, and punctual to its night.
  • My mother was also very punctual with her religious duties, and rejoiced to watch me in the choir.
  • This destiny would not hinder punctual correspondence and occasional visits to Eliza.
  • When, punctual to the appointed moment, it was flung open, a burst of laughter followed.
  • He was punctual to his appointment on the following morning; and so was Mr Bellamy.
  • Nevertheless, a busy life" (he adds) "needs a punctual and sustained habit of prayer.
  • On the great Wednesday morning I was punctual with it at his door in Charlotte Street.
  • As he was remarkably punctual and regular in all his studies and actions, so he used himself to be for his meals.
  • Exact and punctual in all their duties, they were animated by an admirable spirit of charity for their fellow-men.
  • Your early and punctual attendance will give us the best proof of your appreciation of and love for the institution.
  • I was punctual to my appointment, and was driven by my carman up to the door of a new house in a very pretty situation.
  • He was punctual to the hours of business, and labored with zeal and interest, to the great joy of his father.
  • But the machines require punctual service, and as they never tire, they prove too much for their tenders.
  • The boys promised to be punctual and obedient, and their mother assured them, that they were not often forgetful of these important duties.
  • At the hour fixed, punctual to a moment, a brougham drew up at the corner of the street next to my chambers.
  • He is not always the most punctual and exact of mortals; but I'll see about it.
  • The Professor was as punctual as ever at his classes, and as zealous in directing the laboratory work of those who studied under him.
  • Nature, which had made him thus punctual and precise, gave him also good looks, and a most amiable kindness of heart.
  • He was as punctual at church every Sunday morning as if he had been a family man, bound to set a good example.
  • Up to now Larkin had been punctual to the dot, but on this, the one occasion when punctuality was vital, he was not on time.
  • But Mary comforted him, assuring him that the Halls were very punctual in all their comings and goings when any event was in hand.
  • Mr. Warren, who found him very punctual and exact, used to permit him to leave his pack behind his counter and call for it in the morning.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Punctual | Punctual Sentence

  • As punctual as the milk.
  • And why is it not as easy to be punctual to a minute?
  • And why is it not as easy to be punctual to a minute?
  • Nor did our punctual aches deceive us.
  • Last year my rooks were punctual to a day.
  • We see him as a regular and punctual man.
  • I was punctual to my time the next day.
  • The fortunes of a friend depended on his punctual journey.
  • She was punctual to the minute, but he was late.
  • Miss Marks was punctual that morning, as usual.
  • I will be as punctual as the Bee to the Clover.
  • In his business transactions he was punctual and scrupulously exact.
  • Clotilde, you're too punctual with this stuff.
  • You know I'm a punctual man and keep my appointments to the minute....

Definition of Punctual

Prompt; on time. | (mathematics) Existing as a point or series of points | (linguistics) Expressing momentary action that has no duration
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