Punctuality In A Sentence

Definition of Punctuality

The state of being punctual

How To Use Punctuality In A Sentence?

  • The punctuality of the former in discharging their engagements has been exemplary.
  • And he will come with the same punctuality that has been shown throughout this business.
  • This punctuality in sailing always necessitates large extra expense in repairs.
  • He was always late on principle, his principle being that punctuality is the thief of time.
  • You have not the urging to an inconvenient punctuality of the thought that you are keeping servants waiting.
  • Coulthurst was punctuality in itself, and she realized that she had about twenty minutes in which to do a good deal.
  • Brande was a man of science, but as such he was still amenable to punctuality in the matter of dinner.
  • They immediately commenced talking about our debts, and called my attention to the want of punctuality in our payments.
  • Thus will she teach her child punctuality and a primary lesson in a method, which is the key to all perfect housekeeping.
  • Thither we were bidden to all meals, and there we presented ourselves with feverish punctuality at least three times a day.
  • Usually the child's first rigid lesson in punctuality comes at the beginning of school life.
  • He was his bed-fellow for years, and every night and morning was witness of his piety and punctuality in prayer.
  • It is this class that suffer most from the fine system, since punctuality and thoroughness are the result of educated intelligence.
  • The men, they say, take the whole matter of punctuality and attendance more seriously than the women.
  • However, punctuality had been impressed on her, and whatever face she had, she must go in to dinner.
  • From year to year these parrots leave their night quarters daily at the same hour, and return with equal punctuality before sunset.
  • I have sent the enclosed bills, which are due, and you may depend on punctuality and attention if you honour me with your orders.
  • His punctuality has gained him the reputation of honesty, and his caution that of wisdom; and few would refuse to refer their claims to his award.
  • An enterprise that hangs on the punctuality of many people, no matter how well disposed and even heroic, hangs on a thread.
  • But a record of good attendance and punctuality for fifty long weeks brings another week of vacation, also with full pay.
  • At length he arrived at the house of the Fiddle doctor, whose want of punctuality had brought about the misfortune.
  • Up to now Larkin had been punctual to the dot, but on this, the one occasion when punctuality was vital, he was not on time.
  • Prayers at Humblethwaite were always read with admirable punctuality at a quarter-past nine, so that breakfast might be commenced at half-past.
  • To inquire of their several teachers as to the progress they make in study, and the faithfulness and punctuality with which they prepare their lessons.
  • Societies, if they reflect on the end of their association, will perceive that to secure it they must observe good faith and punctuality in their engagements.
  • In households where punctuality is really a principle, it should be a truth ever before all eyes that whatever each individual is about is of less importance than respect to the whole family.
  • Admirable punctuality of attendance and of office hours was almost always observed for a couple of days after these formalities, and then things resumed the even tenor of their way.
  • Most of us are familiar with at least one household where the genius of method is conspicuous by its absence; where regularity and punctuality are unobserved, if not unknown.
  • Often they had not a moment to spare, and punctuality in attending their appointments was scarcely possible, while the trouble of so frequently changing their costumes was extremely irksome to them.
  • The guests are expected to arrive within ten minutes of the hour named in the invitation, as although punctuality is not imperative, it is very desirable.
  • It was really a little strange, for he was the soul of punctuality, and moreover, his engagements were of such a kind as rendered punctuality possible.
  • There is great punctuality observed as regards the hour of arrival, and tea is usually served in the dining-room about half an hour after that named on the invitation card.
  • Govern your life on the principles exemplified by Clown; expect to find that whatever you want will turn up with punctuality and dispatch at the proper moment.
  • On no occasion is punctuality more imperative than in the case of dining out; formerly many allowed themselves great latitude in this respect, and a long wait for the tardy guests was the result.
  • He watched over every part of the economy within that huge fortress, and gave his orders with punctuality and decision, although with a degree of sternness that had not previously been observed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Punctuality | Punctuality Sentence

  • Want of punctuality is a lie.
  • Strict punctuality was demanded of every member of the household.
  • Skill, punctuality and integrity are the requisites in such a character.
  • In the Army punctuality is made a prime virtue for both officers and men.
  • Punctuality, sir, in small matters, leads to punctuality in great matters.

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