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  • He had a pungent and a copious wit.
  • The smell only grew more pungent with each step.
  • The air was full of the pungent scent.
  • The odor of wet evergreens was pungent in their nostrils.
  • A pungent odor of smoke filled her nostrils.
  • Soaked with rain, they gave out pungent odors.
  • Acetic acid is a colorless liquid and has a strong pungent odor.
  • The use of paprika is decidedly better than the pungent pepper.
  • The other still bruised the pungent balsam tip between its restive fingers.
  • The air was pungent with the odor of cheap tobacco and cheaper cigars.
  • Even now there seemed a curious pungent sense of half-pleasure in the pain.
  • It is winter, and the stove fills the car with pungent smoke.
  • He walked leisurely into the shady, cool place of pungent odors.
  • The air was stale with the pungent smell of Turkish tobacco and spirits.
  • Two Inodorous Bodies become very Pungent and Odorous by Mixture.

How To Use Pungent In A Sentence?

  • She poured some cologne on the handkerchief and a pungent odor filled the room.
  • But at the same time to revile his own wealth gave him a pungent sense of playing the artist.
  • Billy had had about enough of it, for the pungent smell of the forge was far from pleasant.
  • But in truth it is not easy to make pungent scoffs upon what is common sense to all mankind.
  • The pungent smoke from burning wood rolled up the staircase in ever-increasing volume.
  • The breath of heavily-scented flowers mingles with the pungent sweetness of clove and nutmeg.
  • California, with its pungent stimulants of odor and color, appealed to her from the very first.
  • The air was as soft as summer, but with a strange, pungent quality which the summer had lacked.
  • And poured upon the counter a flood Of pungent raspberries, tanged like wood.
  • A pungent smell of ether, nitrous oxide, iodine, chlorine, wet laundry and scorched gauze.
  • Just for a moment a pungent perfume for which he could find no adjectives swept softly to his nostrils and was gone.
  • Ronicky obeyed; the air was beginning to fill with the pungent and unmistakable odor of burning wood!
  • The sufferer turned her head away from the pungent odor, and seemed to be struggling against some unseen force.
  • And she held to his lips a tumbler containing a liquid that, pungent to the taste, at once revived him.
  • That rapid variety of sensations; that whirl of brilliant objects; that succession of pungent pleasures.
  • Our sergeant, after a few very pungent remarks, commanded the section to move to one hundred yards.
  • Odours of oil and shoddy, and all such things as characterised the town, grew more pungent under the heavy shower.
  • It is remarkable for discharging with quite an explosion from the end of its body a pungent fluid, probably as a protection against its enemies.
  • The room is dense with pungent wood smoke, which escapes through the doorway, and only a few embers remain.
  • Inserting the smaller end into the nostril, he elevates the other, and thus conveys the pungent powder directly to the part.
  • The window was partly open, and the same pungent odor of death and life in one which had endured all day came in her nostrils.
  • We have nothing to drink but the dirty water of some mountain stream mixed with dry leaves, which give it a most pungent flavour.
  • And now, as they slipped down the long decline into the foreign quarter the pungent oriental breath of Chinatown was blown up to them.
  • In front of him the glasses sparkled alluringly: a delicate mist gathered on their ice-chilled curves: a pungent sweetness wavered in his nostrils.
  • He had traveled something less than an hour, when he began to notice a thin blue haze in the air, and at the same time to smell a pungent smoke.

Definition of Pungent

Having a strong odor that stings the nose, said especially of acidic or spicy substances. | Having a strong taste that stings the tongue, said especially of hot (spicy) food, which has a strong and sharp or bitter taste. | (figuratively) Stinging; acerbic.
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