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  • Thus you punish her more than yourself.
  • Some cause to punish them; and now he has it.
  • Should one punish for small quarrels?
  • They punish the eating of certain animals.
  • To punish them capitally would be to make massacres.
  • Then punish Thais herself.
  • I will punish him or he shall kill me, deuce help me!
  • Mankind has no right to punish either for the desire or its manifestation.
  • The crimes we every day punish are really below the penalties we inflict.
  • The squire will, no doubt, punish his nephew for the wicked lies he has told.
  • Afraid to punish him myself, I brought my master to witness his conduct.
  • To accomplish this we must accept no apology, but must punish Servia.
  • I'll have to punish him by not letting him out to play for an hour or so.

How To Use Punish In A Sentence?

  • You have recalled your forgiveness, and have come to punish me for deserting you.
  • Theodosius began in 381 to punish the apostates by depriving them of the right to make wills.
  • He was sure she would not so punish him again, but her disdain would not be needed.
  • It evinced a deep and settled abhorrence of crime, and an inflexible determination to punish it.
  • They could see the bear walking about among the trees, but they did not know how to punish him.
  • For her alone beseems, the praise-worthy to praise, As also that to punish which doth merit blame.
  • How wrong is this, Or rather what extravagance and madness, To punish him for my offense!
  • He brings his warriors across the Great Lake to punish the Senecas and destroy their lodges.
  • The wish to punish delinquents was well, but why were they punished without the sentence of a tribunal?
  • Strange it is, that all bad things are so contagious and so long-lived to punish the innocent for the sins of the guilty.
  • He is now the warden of my coasts, and is put there to punish vikings and keep the peace for ye peasants.
  • He would await no sentence of court-martial, but would punish his neglect of duty with his own sword!
  • Fifteen or sixteen men broke into his house in the middle of the night, pulled him out of his bed and told him they would punish him.
  • But if we tell them now they won't be proud; they will be vexed, and maybe punish us.
  • The natives sometimes revolt, and then the friars cannot influence them, but troops must be sent to punish the rebels.
  • As we went on our way I thought over how severely the law would allow me to punish the calumniators.
  • A Christian himself may wield the sword when called upon to maintain peace among men and to punish wrong.
  • In the strict sense of the word, it is not only unjust, but impossible, for God to punish the innocent.
  • To punish me, he'll seize on some pretense To throw me into prison, right or wrong.
  • The subordinate Purrahs punish all crimes committed within their district, and take care that their sentences are duly executed.
  • It was taught also that Daramulun himself watched the youths from the sky, prompt to punish by sickness or death the breach of his ordinances.
  • These animals carry out the designs of the culture-hero, and punish initiated Zunis who are careless of their religious duties and ritual.
  • Do my brothers know what a great army follows their White Father when he sets out to punish his children?
  • At the same time, expecting implicit obedience to this command, I shall punish you no further, if you offend not again.
  • The King replied that Theodore was our common enemy, and that he hoped we should punish him as he deserved.
  • As to pomp and dissipation, there is no need to punish these, for they are unknown in Crete......
  • If drunkenness is an offence, punish it, but don't punish a man for selling honest drink that perhaps after all won't make any one drunk at all.

Definition of Punish

(transitive) To cause to suffer for crime or misconduct, to administer disciplinary action. | (transitive, figuratively) To treat harshly and unfairly. | (transitive, colloquial) To handle or beat severely; to maul.
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