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  • In the Punjab prices were abnormally high.
  • Hindu Punjab Conference, 200.
  • If it be in the Punjab then I shall certainly return to it to that very place.
  • With 3-inch refractor in the Punjab I found it "full scarlet.

How To Use Punjab In A Sentence?

  • If it really occurred in the Punjab some reminiscence would have been left there of it.
  • They are sending recruits from the Punjab who were formerly labourers and common workmen.
  • Only in the later years of his life did the Punjab become the chief centre of his activities.
  • The Punjab was their home where their villages lay, where their people were waiting.
  • They are found in the north of the Punjab upon a few ancient sites where excavations have been made.
  • Surely this creature was insane, with his room of the green death, his wild tales of love of a Punjab maiden, of wholesale hate.
  • On the west of the Punjab where we come from, and where I was born, the same fruits and crops grow as on the east side.
  • During the construction of the Uganda railway large numbers of coolies were recruited in the Punjab and exported from Karachi to Mombasa.
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