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  • Seven pupils qualified during 1912.
  • It trains its pupils to think and choose for themselves.
  • His pupils had left him and men avoided him.
  • The vertical-slit pupils of their eyes.
  • The vertical slit pupils of his eyes expanded, contracted.
  • At Lares the pupils have been very regular in attendance.
  • Among his principal pupils may be mentioned: J. and A.
  • He must not corrupt the minds of his pupils with demonstrations.
  • First he posed his pupils with questions and then dictated model replies.
  • Dirkovitch saw the marks, and the pupils of his eyes dilated.
  • The pupils may read the questions orally and give the answers orally.
  • A few private pupils whom I secured helped me out of my most pressing need.
  • With the Sophomore year, High School pupils had met several new things.
  • He had as pupils in the same style, two daughters and M. S. Merian.

How To Use Pupils In A Sentence?

  • One incident shows the appreciation of my pupils and neighbors for my efforts in their behalf.
  • He had been trying to inspire in his pupils some conception of the poetry contained in history.
  • Even as he looked with dilating pupils he could see the earth darken with the spreading moisture.
  • The pupils of her eyes assumed that look, as of a startled hare, which shone in them sometimes.
  • Miss Kilrain also breathed from her diaphragm, and urged her pupils to try the same.
  • In the manual for teachers and pupils the biblical text in a good modern translation is included.
  • His first effort was to prepare a list of books suitable for pupils in all grades of the rural schools.
  • But she persistently resisted the entreaties of her young pupils and their parents to move into better lodgings in the city.
  • As a matter of fact, pupils under this method can be just as well trained in these branches as under the old plan.
  • And not only this, but the general interest of patrons may help and cheer both teacher and pupils throughout the year.
  • Teachers, patrons, and pupils are brought into close relationship and a higher standard of education is developed.
  • Most farmers would be entirely willing to allow the pupils to take such saplings from their wood-lots if the work were properly done.
  • Hartford lost all colour in his face and his pupils dilated to pin-prick size, then he ran outside to the garden.
  • Similar causes have operated to produce discontent amongst the teachers, who in turn inoculate their pupils with the virus of disaffection.
  • So we see the need of introducing into our rural schools nature-study for the young pupils and elementary agriculture for the older ones.
  • Thus we immediately come to the question: What has the master himself and what have his pupils done on it?
  • As time rolled on his pupils gradually abandoned him, and he ended by becoming one wheel more in the machinery of the wealthy establishment.
  • She herself sang, her pupils helped to the best of their ability in solos, choir-singing, and recitations.
  • A glaring white bulb, suspended in an ice-blue ceiling, dug into his pupils with relentless intensity.
  • He very soon remarked the superior intelligence which Joseph showed among the twenty-five pupils in his charge.
  • Hannibal once more; but his pupils cared less for Hannibal than for the bumble-bees droning in the window-frame.
  • He commanded the utmost respect, especially among the pupils of the village school, where he had taught five successive winters.
  • He was a schoolmaster of little children whom he taught to read and write, and his pupils denounced him as a Christian.
  • Frau Luise stood on deck in the bow of the vessel with several of her favorite pupils near her; no one uttered a word.
  • A more important fact is that, as far as I know, extreme contraction of the pupils is not a symptom of sleeping sickness.
  • But he is still more dangerous when he remains a schoolmaster and uses his position to teach disaffection to his pupils either by precept or by example.

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plural of pupil
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