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  • Horrid puppies men are now.
  • We looked at the puppies doubtfully.
  • Killed your own dog because her puppies were mongrels?
  • The puppies were more entrancing every day.
  • Bribes are bribes, whether puppies or anything else.
  • The three puppies lay curled like little sea anemones.
  • For puppies like you there's but few.
  • And supposing greyhound puppies are the only bribes you take?
  • They're a pair of the most elegant puppies in this State.
  • About the second week of August two of the puppies died of convulsions.
  • On February 10th one of "Sussi's" puppies littered.
  • The puppies left me asleep----sir.

How To Use Puppies In A Sentence?

  • During the same time the temperance dogs had forty-five puppies and forty-one of these lived.
  • Even if one really be fond of puppies and enjoy vaudeville, the implication is unpleasant.
  • Before Jan had finished, the two puppies were tearing madly toward the monk and the other men.
  • One evening, when Mogstad was housing the puppies for the night, two of them were missing.
  • The puppies were removed, but I almost felt guilty at finding fault with a dog in this country.
  • In the courtyard of his house he saw two little puppies which belonged to the coachman and which were generally confined to the stables.
  • I am crouching beside the kennel in the kitchen-garden, with four charming little puppies in my lap.
  • All these miserable puppies are allowed to grow up to a starved wretched existence, a misery to themselves and everyone else.
  • From the batches of puppies we always saved such as were rough-coated, as these were better able to stand the exposure of long, cold nights.
  • Both puppies leaped about in glee, barking and yelping until the sides of the narrow pass sent back echoes like many unseen dogs answering them.
  • In the middle of December we took the youngest puppies on board, as they had now grown so big, and ran away if they were not very closely watched.
  • From the first she regarded the child as her own personal possession, neglecting in its behalf the various colts and puppies which had hitherto occupied most of her waking moments.
  • Hilda and Gumush, the two original hounds of the Church days, presented their owners respectively with twelve and eleven puppies all in one week.
  • If one of the mothers went out for a moment, the other at once took all the puppies into her keeping, and then there was a battle royal when the first one returned and wanted to reclaim her property.
  • Here were beings huddled together like a lot of puppies or cubs on an island in the midst of carnage which was not a visitation of the Almighty, but of their own making.

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plural of puppy | plural of puppie
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